Wednesday 26 August 2020

Watermelon pink gin slush crush cocktails

As much as it pains me to say it, I have to admit it and face the fact that summer isn’t going to be with us for too much longer. Which means trying to squeeze in as many frozen slush cocktails as humanly possible must now be a thing for the final weeks of British sun...any excuse.

And what screams summer more than watermelon??? So I figured this weeks alcoholic slush concoction just HAD to include both watermelon and pink gin, and I’ve got to say I think I may have well saved the very best until last. I say this every week but this is now my number one favourite of them all, one word: refreshing! 

You may find yourself getting through a bottle of gin in no time thanks to this recipe and how incredible they taste...

Recipe for Watermelon pink gin slush crush (makes 2-3): 

•6oz Pink gin 
•7oz Lemonade
•8oz Rosé prosecco ( I used Freixent) 
•Half of a watermelon 
•6 strawberries 
•50ml sugar cane syrup
•Fresh lime 

M E T H O D: 

1.) Freeze the lemonade and your chosen rosé prosecco in ice cube trays *separately* (it takes around 2-3 trays), and leave to freeze for at least 3 hours- or if you want to be even more organised, the night before you plan on making your cocktails. 

2.) To freeze your watermelon cut a whole watermelon in half, and then quarter and then slice again. You should be left with thinner slices so it makes it easier to work with. I sliced mine into bite sized cubes and then popped them straight into the freezer along with my strawberries. 

3.) Next measure out your gin into a jug and pop in the fridge to cool (this just helps to make the slush even more refreshing). 

4.) Once everything is fully frozen chuck both your lemonade and rosé prosecco ice cubes into a blender along with the gin. Measure out 50ml of sugar syrup and pour over the top, along with a handful of watermelon chunks and a generous squeezing of fresh lime juice. Blitz quickly for 30 seconds or so- until everything is just blended, no longer- otherwise it’ll lose the slush consistency a little. 

5.) Pour into chilled/frozen gin glasses, and then to finish garnish with a slice of watermelon and a squeeze of lime juice over the top. 

Notes: *If you aren’t a huge gin fan (I find that hard to believe) you could easily swap for another one of your favourites: rum or vodka would also work really well with this recipe. 

And just like that there you have two absolutely incredible cocktails, practically skill free. Please do let me know if you decide to give these a go, and if you’ve made any of my other cocktails which one has been your fave so far?

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