Thursday 27 August 2020

Individual cookie dough stuffed cheesecake jars

My new obsession: individual cheesecake jars...they’re just perfect. The perfect portion size, just the right amount of layers without being too sickly and super dangerously easy to eat. They’re also a lot quicker to make than a standard cheesecake, which is perfect if you fancy whipping up a quick treat without all of the added faff. 

So before I share the recipe with you I better explain what’s in them starting right from the bottom: a cookie base, Galaxy cookie crumble spread cheesecake filling, a layer of mini cookie dough bites, then sprinkled with cookie crumbs on top, another layer of cheesecake filling and then whipped cream and a Nutella drizzle on top. 

That’s a looooot of Cookie. 

Recipe for individual Cookie Dough cheesecake pots (makes 3): 

Biscuit Base: 
•70g unsalted butter 
•150g Maryland cookies 

Cheesecake filling: 
•250g full fat Philadelphia
•50g icing sugar 
•1tsp vanilla extract 
•150ml double cream 
•1 generous rounded tbsp Galaxy cookie crumble chocolate spread 

Cookie dough bites: 
•125g unsalted butter 
•115g soft light brown sugar 
•110g caster sugar 
•1 medium egg 
•1tsp vanilla extract 
•220g self raising flour
•1/2 tsp salt 
•200g chocolate chips 

Whipped cream top: 
•150ml double cream 
•2tbsp icing sugar 

M E T H O D: 

1.) To start off with your biscuit base melt the unsalted butter and mix with crushed Maryland cookies. Spoon into your chosen glasses (mine are empty Nutella jars) and press down carefully, pop them into the fridge whilst you move onto the next step. 

2.) For the filling mix Philadelphia with icing sugar and vanilla extract, and combine well. Then add double cream and keep whisking until thickened. Once thickened stir in your Galaxy cookie crumble spread and mix well again (you could add more spread at this point, add to your taste preference). 

3.) Fill each glass with a layer of cheesecake filling- you can either spoon in very carefully or do what I did and pipe the filling over the top of the biscuit base. 

4.) The next layer is full of mini cookie dough make cream together butter and both sugars until pale and fluffy, then add the egg and vanilla extract and mix well. Sift the flour and salt over the top and mix thoroughly until a soft dough forms. Roll out 30 mini bite sized balls and add your chocolate chips. Once they’re done refrigerate for 15 minutes. 

5.) Completed, layer the mini bites around the edge of the glass and then sprinkle a few chocolate chips over the top/in the centre. Then go in with another layer of cheesecake filling and top with cookie dough (roll out a small ball and then flatten to fit. Place into the fridge yet again whilst whipping up your cream. 

6.) To make the whipped cream pour double cream into a bowl and add icing sugar over the top, whisk on high speed for a couple of minutes until fluffy and you’re able to pipe. I used a Wilton 2D nozzle for mine as it always gives the best finish. 

7.) Decoration time- drizzle melted Nutella, sprinkle over chocolate chips and then top with a cookie and cookie dough bite. Once they’re looking pretty set in the fridge for 4-5 hours before eating. 

Notes: *Feel free to layer your pots however you please! For example you could skip the cookie dough layer if you’d like to, I just added to mine as I’m obsessed and the more the better. 

 *They should last for 2 days kept in the fridge... if they last that long that is. 

I hope that you enjoy as much as I did, such a perfect little treat if you fancy something sweet. As always let me how you get on, I’d love to see your creations! 
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