Monday 17 August 2020

Frozen pornstar martini style gin slush recipe

Okay so I have a very important question for you all... what on earth could possibly taste better than a pornstar martini?...ummm, a pornstar martini with a frozen slush gin twist, that’s what. 

And no don’t worry, ~you aren’t~ dreaming, this taste sensation is now a very real thing as of today. Ever since I’ve been creating my frozen slush style cocktails I’ve been desperate to try out a pornstar martini version, so when I finally found the mango and passion fruit gin in Aldi I knew exactly what I was going to do- mix together both my love of gin, frozen cocktails and the famous passionfruit taste all in one. Magical

Please don’t blame me if you suddenly find yourself craving one of these beauties 24/7, I warned you... 

Recipe for pornstar martini style gin slushies (makes 2): 

•6oz Mango & Passionfruit gin 
•14oz passionfruit lemonade (Tesco own, sold in cans) 
•6oz Prosecco 
•Frozen mango chunks 
•50ml sugar cane syrup
•Handful of crushed ice 
•Passionfruit (to garnish) 

M E T H O D: 

1.) Freeze the Passionfruit lemonade and your chosen favourite prosecco in ice cube trays *separately* (it takes around 2-3 trays), and leave to freeze for at least 4-6 hours- or if you want to be even more organised, the night before you plan on making your cocktails. 

2.) To freeze your mango chunks you can either buy one whole fresh mango and cube yourself, or if you don’t fancy the faff buy them ready chopped and simply stick them into the freezer. 

3.) Next measure out your gin into a jug and pop in the fridge to cool (this just helps to make the slush even more refreshing). 

4.) Once everything is fully frozen chuck both your passionfruit lemonade and prosecco ice cubes into a blender along with the gin. Measure out 50ml of sugar syrup and pour over the top, along with a handful of ice and your frozen mango. Blitz quickly for 30 seconds or so- until everything is just blended, no longer- otherwise it’ll lose the slush consistency a little. 

5.) Pour into chilled/frozen gin glasses, and then to finish garnish with passionfruit. For a true pornstar martini feel I added a shot of prosecco on the side, and then poured over the top of my cocktail for extra fizz (you could skip adding the extra prosecco over the top if you’d prefer to just shot it though, the decision is yours). 

Notes: *If you can’t get hold of any passionfruit lemonade (sold only in Tesco I believe) you could substitute for original lemonade instead. Of course it won’t have such a passionfruit taste, so to add it back I suggest adding the insides of one fresh passionfruit to your cocktail. 

*The Mango & Passionfruit gin is sold in Aldi. 

Ta da, job completed! As always I’d love to know what you think to the idea of frozen pornstar martinis, if you decide to give them a whirl please do send photos my way, enjoy...

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