Saturday 2 January 2021

Sin free frozen Peach Bellini mocktails (with the alcoholic version added too)

Yep that’s right, I’m now alcohol free...for the very best reason of them all- Baby C arriving June 2021... but then you’ll most likely already know that if you follow me over on Instagram anyway, so sorry for the old news! 

That doesn’t mean I’m quite ready to give up cocktails completely, which is why mocktails are now a huge thing in my life. And being as lots of you will be taking part in dry Jan I thought now would be the perfect time to share all of my new experiments and creations with you all. 

So let’s kick start with something peachy, sin free frozen peach bellini’s, you’re welcome... 

...well actually there is none this time round, it’s completely sin free so feel free to go wild 

Recipe for alcohol free Peach Bellini’s (makes 2) 
•8oz ‘Nosecco’ 
•25ml Sugar cane syrup
•1 Tin peaches in juice 
•8 Ice cubes 
•Splash of orange juice 


Recipe for the real Peach Bellini’s full of alcohol 
•8oz Prosecco (Freixenet is my personal fave) 
•50ml Peach schnapps 
•25ml Sugar cane syrup 
•8 Ice cubes 
•Splash of orange juice

M E T H O D: 

1.) Start by emptying the tinned peaches into a container along with the juice- no need to drain, and leave to freeze for at least an hour, or if you want to be even more organised, do this the night before you plan on making your mocktails. Also be sure to have lots of ice cubes stocked up at this point too! 

2.) Next measure out your chilled ‘nosecco’ into a jug and pour into a blender along with the measured sugar cane syrup, and a splash of fresh orange juice. 

3.) Once everything is fully frozen chuck both your frozen peaches and ice cubes into a blender alongside the other ingredients. Blend on full blast in short bursts until it resembles a thick slush consistency. 

4.) Blended to perfection, pour into chilled/frozen champagne/prosecco glasses, and then to finish garnish with a slice of fresh peach, edible gold glitter and a sprig of Rosemary. You could also pour a little more ‘nosecco’ over the top at this stage too if you’d like more of a fizzy kick. 

Notes: *If you aren’t a huge slush cocktail fan this time of the year (I find that hard to believe) you could easily swap for the blended Peach Bellini version. Simply skip the freezing your peaches step and don’t add any ice cubes, same method as before just without the frozen stuff. 

*And for those making the alcoholic version simply swap out the ‘nosecco’ for the real stuff and add the peach schnapps at the same time as the prosecco, sugar syrup, and orange juice. 

And just like that there you have two absolutely incredible cocktails, practically skill free and as easy as can be. Please do let me know if you decide to give these a go, and if you’ve made any of my other cocktails which one has been your fave so far? Do you like the idea of the mocktail version?

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