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The top restaurants, bars and places you absolutely MUST visit whilst on holiday in Gran Canaria, Puerto Rico:

Okay, so promise me that you won’t laugh? Are you sure? I’ll go ahead and continue then... In case you didn’t know I’ve visited Gran Canaria 20+ times. Yes 20 something times (and I say 20+ times as I really have lost count now.) So when it comes to food, drink and trip recommendations you could say that I’m your go to gal as I now consider myself as a bit of an expert... (Hey, if blogging fails maybe I’ll just have to become a rep for the resort, who knows ;) ) 
I know, I know 20 something times your saying to yourself in your head- that’s excessive. But there’s just something about the Canary Islands that keeps me constantly desperate to go back at every opportunity, so don’t worry I can explain my excessive ways. 

Puerto Rico in-particular is pretty much a second home to me, I honestly feel more at home there than my ‘actual home’. It’s the food, the laid back family vibe, the amazing people, the beaches and everything in-between. 

So being as I’m a little bit of a Canarian food and culture enthusiast/geek I thought that it was only fair to share my knowledge with you all, and hopefully you’ll get the chance to experience the beautiful place I call my second home too. 

From food and restaurants, to beaches and night life, let’s go...

First category: Food and restaurants

1.) Bubble’s 

This restaurant is my absolute go to when it comes to paella, canarian potatoes with mojo sauce and sizzling steaks. The food is honestly to die for, cooked to absolute perfection, with the most chilled out relaxed vibe, oh and the decor is just as beautiful too. 

It’s based in the first phase of Puerto Rico’s main shopping centre, depending on the time of year you’re visiting I’d suggest arriving a little earlier at around 7pm as it does tend to get busy very fast later on in the evening. 

2.) Pinocchio’s 

Again, another one of my ‘absolutely visit at least twice’ restaurants. Pinocchio’s actually isn’t too far from Bubble’s, and it’s a family run Italian so a completely different style of food, although again expect that there might be quite a long queue outside. 

They cook fresh pizza, pastas and meat dishes. A few I’d definitely recommend:  ‘Rigotoni with chicken’ a tomatoey, garlicy goodness pasta dish, the carbonara and their lasagna is amazing too. It also helps that all of the waiters are the friendliest you’ll ever meet. 

3.) Miami steak house

I’m not too sure where to start with Miami as the menu is honestly HUGE. It’s definitely a restaurant for families who might all want totally different dishes. 

My particular favourites are their chicken fajitas which I can never get enough of as they’re amazing, steak and chips with peppercorn sauce, and their roast dinners they cook especially every Sunday. I should also warn you that their portion sizes are also as HUGE, let’s just say that they don’t skimp when it comes to food. 

(Based almost next door to Pinocchio’s the Italian, by the way) 

4.) El Capricho 


I feel like I should let you all know that I visit this cocktail and dessert place every single day of my holiday, it’s literally where all of my spending money goes, I swear. 

They have SO many different flavour Nutella, chocolate and cream pancakes, ice cream sundaes, alcoholic milkshakes including Bailey’s and also a wide range of cocktails which I’ll discuss separately later. 

Basically, you’re missing out big time if you don’t visit! 

Second category: Trips and places to visit

1.) Amadores beach 

There’s actually two beaches in Puerto Rico but Amadores definitely tops the main beach (although that is lovely too). 

Bright white sand, crystal blue sea, a beach club, inflatables and assault courses in the sea, water sports, restaurants and bars, countless shops. 

Amadores really is stunning, it feels like absolute paradise. It’s also only a lovely scenic sea walk 15- 20 minutes from Puerto Rico’s main centre. You can easily spend the entire day there and have plenty to do. 

If there’s only one place you visit I’d say make sure that it’s here, but I’m sure you’ll be able to realise just why that is looking at my photos. 

2.) Puerto Rico harbour 

A stunning place you absolutely must visit is the harbour. There’s so many stunning Spanish streets to stroll down with the most beautiful flowers and palm trees. 

I always make a point of walking down past the yachts, the floral maze benches and along past the sand at golden hour/sunset. 

The laid back feel good Spanish vibe and views leave you feeling completely relaxed and calm. It feels like a completely different resort compared to the main shopping centre which is a little commercialised. 

3.) Mogán

Another picture perfect town is Mogán, nicknamed little Venice which when you visit you’ll totally realise why. 

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anybody come back from a day out in Mogán and not completely fall in love with the place. 

It’s a short taxi or boat journey from Puerto Rico, which I believe is a lot cheaper than getting a taxi there and back. Either way it’s totally worth it.

They have lovely little Spanish coffee shops, markets and pretty apartments to take in, too. 

4.) Dolphin and whale glass bottom boat trip 

This is a trip that I’ve been on a couple of times now, and I would absolutely love to do it more often but myself and sea sickness do not mix well AT ALL. 

Anyway, my dodgy, delicate tummy aside it’s a lovely day out. You’re almost always guaranteed to see wild dolphins swimming right up close to you out in the sea, and if you’re really lucky sometimes you can catch a glimpse of a killer whale. 

It’s such an experience seeing such beautiful creatures up close in their wild environment. Definitely remember to take your camera as there’s a glass bottom too so you can see all of the fish. 

Third and final category: Cocktail bars and nightlife 

1.) Tipsy Elements 

This place is brand spanking new and is part of the growing ‘Market Place’ shopping centre right next to Puerto Rico’s main shopping centre. 

I only discovered this bar this year as it hasn’t been open for long but it’s already climbed it’s way up into my firm favourite list. 

They have the best range of cool cocktails: gold porn star martinis, a whole range of different flavour mojitos and more. 

If you visit at night when it’s dark you get the best light up view of Puerto Rico, and they have lots of fire lamps to keep cosy on their big cushioned chairs. The vibe is very much like a trendy, laid back London bar. 

2.) El Caprichio 

You know I mentioned that I’d get back to talking all things El Caprichio’s cocktails earlier on in this blogpost (you’re a true saint for making it this far if so) well here we go... 

This place couldn’t be more completely different to Tipsy Element’s if it tried: the vibe, decor, the staff. Of the two I’d say this is more of a chill out family bar perfect for people watching and pre drinks. 

I always go for their amazing mojitos, fresh strawberry daiquiri’s and Aperol’s every single night. I can’t even put into words just how much I love this place, once you visit too you’ll completely understand my adoration though. 

3.) Main shopping centre 

When it comes to nightlife Puerto Rico isn’t what you’d describe as wild. It’s an amazing place to have a laugh, a dance and lots of banter but not quite so ‘clubby’ shall we say? 

I personally love that about Puerto Rico though, you get the chance to meet so many funny families. All of the best bars are on the second floor of the shopping centre if you’re after pub games and a laugh. 

Irish bars, dance bars (Piccadilly’s, Rider’s, Dicey’s, Snoopy etc) you have such a pick. 

Oh, and slightly off the night life topic a few people have asked if there’s a good mini golf close by, and my go to is always the mini golf course right next door to McDonald’s just before you get to the main shopping centre! 

El Caprichio’s

And there we have it, that concludes my jam packed guide to having the best time in Gran Canaria. I really really hope that you’ve found my recommendations helpful, you’ll have to let me know if you’re planning on visiting- I’d love to know. 

Oh and one last thing whilst I’m at it as I know people ask often, my favourite hotels are: Morasol Suite’s/Marina Suites, Cala D’or, Marina Bay View. 

I promise that’s me off for good now...adios! 

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