Friday 30 March 2018

How to bake | Gooey malteser bunny brownies with a thick chocolate swirl

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that I'm a bit of a baking enthusiast who likes to tease you all with my creations on a weekly basis- apologies to all of you on a diet. 

I'm forever getting people ask me for the recipe each time I post a picture, whether it be brownies, creme egg cupcakes or cocktails! So, today I thought that I'd better share the recipe for my latest creation; gooey chocolate brownies with a thick chocolate swirl layer. YUM! 

Is your mouth watering, yes? If so you better get your apron at the ready, dig out your mixing bowl, and.... on your MARKS, GET SET, GOOO! Happy baking... 

The ingredients you'll need: 

Before I list the ingredients I just want to credit Jane’s Patisserie for her absolutely amazing, fail proof brownie recipe and method, head over to her blog for more deliciousness. 

I’ve changed it up slightly by adding the chocolate swirl on top but the actual brownie mix is absolute heaven and all thanks to Jane. Baking queen! 

•200g unsalted butter (lurpak is my usual go to for brownies) 
•200g dark chocolate 
•3 large eggs 
•275g caster sugar 
•90g plain flour 
•35g cocoa powder 
•150g chocolate chips (or you could use 50g mini eggs)

•1 pack of Galaxy Golden Eggs 
•1 pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs 
•2 packs of mini Malteser bunnies 
•150g of milk cooking chocolate 
•50g of dark cooking chocolate (mix this with the milk choc when you melt) 
•300g white chocolate 
•Dr Oetker pink food colour gel / any food colour gel you wish


1.) Before you get started you’ll want to go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 180C/Gas mark 4, and then start prepping by lining a 9x9inch square baking tin with grease proof paper. 

2.) Okay, boring bits done, it’s now time to get started. Melt together the butter and dark chocolate in a heatproof bowl… now to do this part you can either go all old school and melt over a pan of boiling water, or if you’re bit of a lazy, minimal effort in the kitchen kinda girl like me then just simply whack it in the microwave. 

Once melted, leave on the side to cool whilst you get on with all of the other fun stuff. 

3.) For the next step you ideally need an electric whisk as you’ll want to whisk together the eggs and caster sugar. Do this for a few minutes until the colour has turned pale, is mousse like in appearance, and is double the original volume of the amount of sugar and eggs. 

If you really want to be sure it’s done lift the whisk and it should leave a trail for a couple of seconds before disappearing. 

4.) Once you’ve whisked, pour the cooled chocolate/butter mix over the eggs and fold together carefully. Aka please don’t mix it to death, the outcome won’t be half as good, so careful does it. 

5.) So now you’re happy that it’s completely combined, sift the cocoa powder and plain flour on top of the chocolate mix and then fold together again- remember, carefully does it because you don’t want to knock out all of the air. 

6.) Combined and *almost* ready to go, fold through the chocolate chips, and/or mini eggs (depending on your preferences and how chocolatey you’d like your brownies). And then carefully spoon into your ready prepped tin (you’ll be feeling like you should maybe be on some type of cookery show at this stage. The great British bake off? Sign me up!

7.) Pop in the oven and let them bake for 30-35 minutes (my oven is a little bit useless and takes longer than this so just check before/after this time to double check)

*Oh and screw what your old food tech teacher used to tell you, nows the time to lick the bowl and pretend that you’re five all over again. If you don’t think that this part is the best thing about making cakes/brownies… well then I’m sorry but you’re lying to yourself. 

8.) To finish you’re going to want to make sure that your brownies are COMPLETELY cool before you attempt decorating. Once cooled pour the milk and dark chocolate over the top of your brownies and make sure every area is covered- super easy if you use a spatular to spread evenly. 

Once you’re satisfied with your milk chocolate base add 6 dollops of white chocolate and 6 dollops of pink chocolate on top (to make the pink chocolate add a few drops of the food colour gel until you’ve achieved the colour you doesn’t have to be pink, choose your fave colour).

All 12 chocolate dollops added, it’s now time to grab a sharp knife, or a skewer and simply just ‘draw’ through the chocolate dollops to create swirls, carry on until it’s completely mixed together, but be careful not to swirl together too much. 

Complete with your golden eggs, mini eggs, and malteser bunnies! 

And voilá, your very own gooey swirl brownies- be sure to let me know if you give them a whirl as I’d love to see your photos. Happy baking. 

Also one last thing and I promise I’ll clear off and let you get on with it, if you’d like me to post more recipes on my blog (milkshakes, hot chocolates etc) then please send me a message on Instagram and let me know! 

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