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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Sunday summary...

1.) It's only right that you show off your new necklaces and all time fave lippy on Instagram, right? Oh good because that's exactly what I've just done! Today's outfit details after such a lovely day with my mum. 

2.) My glittery Echo Falls wine bottle which I absolutely love! If you'd like to purchase one for yourself, or maybe for a gift for a friend/family member then check out my previous post for the link to the website. I was over the moon with mine, what girl wouldn't be?! 

3.) Boredom of course leads to arranging your pandora collection, and then instagram-ing it, just because... 

4.) Although they tasted nice I wasn't too pleased with the appearance of these Kinder Bueno cupcakes, complete with Nutella buttercream and centre. Please remind me to never attempt baking in the heat again; melting buttercream = a perfectionists nightmare! 

5.) A catch up with one of my friends 'sophisticated ladies who lunch' style. I obviously had to order the chicken katsu curry as it is my all time fave! Oh, and to the girl that came over and said hi; thanks for making my day and being so lovely! 

6.) Shameless mirror selfie wearing one of my holiday outfits- who'd have thought the holiday clothes would be making an appearance in this country?! I can't wait to wear my floppy hat on the beach, the countdown has officially begun. 

7.) Glorious sunshine, my favourite food and a catch up with a friend all in one day... Who says Mondays have to be mardy Mondays?! It made such a nice change to get out of the house and do something when I don't usually. 

8.) Taking full advantage of the fact it was the hottest day of the year this week with a BBQ and drinks in the garden. There really is nothing better than a nice chilled evening, is there?! Also, I now no longer look like Casper's double thanks to the sun deciding to show it's face *salsa dancing emoji*.

9.) Lesson of the week: never fall asleep in the garden, you will wake up being pelted by hail stones... Don't you just love England's temperamental weather. I bet my neighbours had the biggest laugh of the week watching me mad dash inside, shielding myself with my duvet- I'm all about that glam life. 

So there we have it, that's what my week in photos looks like. I've honestly had the best week ever despite it being a bit of a struggle at times due to feeling unwell! But, as always I'm so grateful that I've been able to go out and enjoy the sunshine along the way, my inner worshipper has been in it's element! 

Have you had a good week, what have you been up to? 

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