Tuesday 9 February 2021

White Malteser bunny cake jars

I think we’re all in agreement that Malteser bunnies are up there in the top three best Easter chocolates, right? Even more so now they’ve released the chocolate orange version and the white too! 

Well today I’m sharing the white bunny cake jars. My cheesecake jars went down SO unexpectedly well that I thought that cake jars now have to become a thing too... plus the cheesecake needs a bit of a break for a while. 

So before I share the recipe with you I better explain what’s in them starting right from the bottom: a crumbled cake base, vanilla buttercream, a layer of mini eggs, another layer of cake and then buttercream and a white choc  bunny on top. 

So calling all Malteser bunny lovers, this ones for you...

Recipe for white Malteser bunny cake jars (makes 3-4): 

•115g unsalted butter
•115g caster sugar 
•115g self-raising flour
•2 medium eggs 
•1tsp baking powder 
•1tsp vanilla extract 

Middle layer 
•Cadbury’s mini eggs (or any Easter chocolate of your choice) 

•200g unsalted butter 
•400g icing sugar 
•1tsp vanilla extract 

M E T H O D: 

1.) To kick start your cake jars you’ll of course need to make the (cup)cakes. To make life super easy and quick measure out your butter, sugar, flour, eggs and baking powder into the same bowl and then whisk. Once half mixed add the vanilla extract and whisk again. 

2.) This recipe amount should make 12 standard cupcakes, spoon the mix into your cases evenly and bake at (a pre-heated) Gas mark 5 for 20-25 minutes. (You’ll know they’re baked perfectly when a skewer comes out clean).
3.) Once baked and cooled peel out of their cases and crumble up the cake into small/medium crumbs. Once crumbled- you’ll probably use 5 cupcakes to fill 3 jars- spoon into your chosen jars/glasses, mine are empty Nutella jars, and press down carefully. 

4.) Next up, the buttercream... start by whisking your unsalted butter until softened, this is usually easier if your butter is room temperature. Butter softened sift over the icing sugar and add the vanilla extract and whisk again high speed until light, fluffy and pale in colour. 

5.) To pipe the buttercream I used a Wilton 2D nozzle- this one is my absolute favourite. Layer of buttercream completed now is the time to sprinkle over a few mini eggs, and then yet another layer of crumbled cake, and to finish a generous buttercream swirl. 

6.) Cake jar almost finished, it’s decoration time. I sprinkled over mini hearts (Tesco), addd a homemade fondant carrot (you can buy from the supermarket ready made if you prefer though) and of course the star of the show: a white Malteser bunny. 

Notes: *Feel free to layer your pots however you please! For example you could add any Easter eggs to the middle instead of mini eggs. 

 *They should last for 2-3 days kept in an airtight container... if they last that long that is. 

I hope that you enjoy as much as I did, such a perfect little treat if you fancy something sweet over Easter/you’re bored and want something to do during lockdown. As always let me how you get on, I always love to see your creations! 
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