Tuesday 9 February 2021

Sin free pornstar martini mocktails

Pornstar Martini’s are without a doubt up there as one of my very favourite cocktails, so naturally I just had to attempt the alcohol free version to keep the cravings at bay and tide me over until the summer. 

It’s no surprise that they are also a lot of others number one cocktail choice too, so if like me you’re in the no alcohol club, this beauty is for us... 

...well actually there is none this time round, it’s completely sin free so feel free to go wild... you’re welcome

Recipe for alcohol free Pornstar Martini’s (makes 2) 
•1 Fresh passionfruit 
•1tsp Vanilla extract 
•1tbsp Fresh lime juice 
•25ml Passionfruit syrup (@enchanteddrinks) 
•35ml Apple juice 
•175ml Rubicon passionfruit juice 
•1 shot of ‘Nosecco’ 

OR IF YOU WOULD PREFER THE REAL DEAL (don’t worry I haven’t forgotten about you) 

Recipe for the real Pornstar Martini’s full of alcohol 
•1 Fresh passionfruit 
•60ml Vanilla vodka 
•30ml Passoa
•1tbsp Fresh lime juice 
•1tbsp Sugar syrup 
•Prosecco shot

M E T H O D: 

1.) Fill a cocktail shaker with ice cubes, measure out all of your ingredients minus the nosecco/prosecco shot, and add to the shaker. Shake well and then double strain (this bit is key as you don’t want any fresh passionfruit swimming around in your drink) and pour into your chosen glasses. 

2.) Garnish with a slice of passionfruit and pour out your nosecco shot. 

Notes: *Here is the cocktail strainer I used, super cheap and cheerful from EBay, but does the job perfectly. 

TA DA, your very own Pornstar Martini in as easy as two simple steps! 

Please do let me know if you decide to give these a go, and if you’ve made any of my other cocktails which one has been your fave so far? Do you like the idea of the mocktail and cocktail version in each recipe post, is it helpful? 

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