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Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Currently obsessing over...

As of late I've slipped into the habit of becoming one of those inconsistent bloggers that'll just blog when I please, and here's my explanation for that... 

You know when you pinky promise yourself to get something done and then it reaches 8 o'clock at night and you just think to yourself 'shall I watch the soaps with a cuppa or spend an hour typing up a load of blogposts that'll more than likely bore people to tears? Hmm eastenders wins, I'll do it tomorrow'. And that same routine happens the next day, and the next day... and then guess what? The next day too. Can anybody relate?! 

Anywayyy, now you know that I'm an avid soap watcher I'll move onto what this post is actually about, and that's the products I'm currently going all heart eye emoji over. I can't promise it'll be riveting, but hey God loves a trier doesn't he. 

Mint Candy Apple & Jazzy Jubilant | Nail varnishes | Essie 
First up on my 'currently obsessed with list'- yes, I do write lists for everything in case you were wondering- are the Essie nail varnishes. I've mentioned these quite a few times on my blog before so I shan't go on for too long. 

As far as nail varnishes go these are 100% my all time faves, they always look so professionally glossy and I always get compliments when I'm wearing the shade 'Mint Candy Apple'. Even though you could say they are on the pricy side they're definitely worth saving up for! 

Sublime Bronze | Self-tanning gel | L'oréal 
I'm not a huge fake tan wearer, in fact I probably only use it a handful of times a year when I'm feeling particularly Casper like. Perhaps that's because my worst fear is being left with a streaky orange 'glow' if that's what you'd like to call it. 

This L'oréal gel is absolutely brilliant for achieving that healthy, natural glow- think a few days in Spain as appose to that sizzled, leather look. It gets major plus points for not streaking and leaving you with orange elbows and knees but the only slight let down with this is that is feels a little on the greasy side and takes a while to dry. 

Gets rid of frizz | Deep conditioning treatment | Lee Stafford 
I've been on a complete heat ban for a few years now, the straighteners and curlers are definitely a thing of the past. That's all well and good but my hair can be a little on the frizzy side at times and without heat to smooth it out, it becomes an untameable mess. 

That's until I found this little miracle worker though, it's honestly brilliant for the following reasons; it reduces frizz like it promises, it leaves my hair salon smooth and shiny and it also makes my hair look 10x better in general. You know when you leave the hairdressers and they've styled it for you, well it gives that effect! 

Roller Lash & They're Real | Mascaras | Benefit
The most important makeup product for me has to be mascara, it really does make such a huge difference- I'm sure every girl will agree? The two I'm absolutely loving at the moment are Roller Lash and They're Real. 

I dedicated a full blogpost to these two mascaras, you can read that, here. Although I did mention that I prefer Roller Lash to They're Real I've recently discovered that they're the absolute dream team when wore together. A coat of Roller Lash first and then another coat of They're Real over the top of that and you're left with extremely volumised, long lashes. Did that last bit even make sense? I hope so. 

Flat Out Fabulous & Vegas Volt | Lipsticks | MAC 
Spring has finally arrived, wahoo! Besides the glorious weather another thing I love about Spring is the bright lipstick, I'm a huge orange lippy fan. 

My two faves at the moment are Flat Out Fabulous- a gorgeous matte pinky purple- and Vegas Volt. I've been wearing these two shades none stop as of late, I just can't get enough of them. Review of them both, here

So there we have it, that's what I'm currently obsessing over. Which products are you loving at the moment? 

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