Monday 3 August 2020

Frozen peach gin and rosé slush recipe

GIN & ROSÉ PEACH SLUSH COCKTAILS...basically all of my favourite flavours chucked together and poured into one glass. I can never decide whether to choose a glass of rosé or a G&T so this is the perfect combination because then I don’t even have to make that difficult life decision. Perfect! 

Another bonus is they’re super easy to make and taste amazing every single time, you could also add a few extra flavours if you’d like to give it your own twist. No fancy equipment and skills needed, just you, a blender and a bottle of gin and rosé- as simple as that. 

you might just fall in love...

Recipe for Gin & Rosé Peach Slushies (makes 2): 

•8oz Gordon’s white peach gin 
•Half a bottle of your favourite rosé wine (I use Barefoot White Zinfandel) 
•25ml sugar cane syrup
•10-12 strawberries 
•1 tin of peaches 
•3 fresh peaches 
•2 ice cubes 

M E T H O D: 

1.) Freeze the white peach gin and rosé in ice cube trays *separately* (it takes around 2 trays), and leave to freeze for at least 4-6 hours. (Please note the gin won’t freeze, but by doing this it’ll make the gin super cold which helps with the final taste). 

2.) Next you’ll want to freeze the strawberries, tinned peaches and fresh peaches. For the strawberries chop off the green stalk and freeze whole, to freeze the tinned peaches drain the juice away and transfer the peaches into a container, and finally to freeze the fresh peaches slice in half, remove the stone and slice. I also like to pop 2 gin glasses into the freezer at this point too (your drink will stay slushy and frozen for longer).  

3.)  Once everything is fully frozen chuck both your rosé ice cubes and chilled gin into a blender along with the frozen strawberries, tinned peaches, and fresh peaches. Measure out 25ml of sugar syrup and pour over the top along with 2 ice cubes. Blitz quickly for no longer than 30 seconds - until everything is just blended otherwise it’ll lose the slush consistency a little. 

3.) Pour into a chilled gin glass and garnish with frozen peach slices and a sprig of rosemary. 

Notes: *You could use Gordon’s pink gin if you can’t get hold of the white peach flavour- please note it won’t be as peachy but still equally as yum.

*This recipe is very easily doubled if you have more friends round, or you know just because if you can’t get enough of the taste. 

I hope that you all enjoy, please do let me know if you give them a go, I’d love to hear what you think. Feel free to spam me with your photos on Instagram @itslittlelauren -I do love a nosy! 
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