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Thursday, 1 March 2018

3,2,1… Bad Gal Bang event with Benefit Cosmetics @ The Space Centre-Leicester

Excitement, nerves and ‘omg, have they really just emailed the right person though?’. 

Yep, you bet when Benefit Cosmetics first got in touch asking if I’d like to attend their Bad Gal Bang mascara launch at the Space Centre in Leicester, I obviously lost my cool a little, sent a screenshot straight to my Grandma (she’s my first port of call for e v e r y thinggg. Texting ‘erm hi, which jacket are you wearing today because we can’t wear the same’ is a regular occurrence), and then did a little happy dance. 

Once I’d double checked that they really did email the right girl, and I don’t just need to get myself down to specsavers, I thought to myself ‘Lauren, what the hell have you just agreed to girl, this is waaay out of your comfort zone’. 


...who even knew that my body could actually act like a ‘normal’ 21 year old sometimes ay? 

So, what did we get up to?...

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Thursday 22nd Feb, 4:45pm 

I checked into the d r e a m i e s t  hotel room, and was made aware that I had to be down in reception for 6 (okay yeah, I’ll be down for 6:15 then). Benefit really did spoil us all, they had left us a makeup bag on the bed with loads of goodies in and a cute eye mask too. 

My first thoughts when I walked through the door though? Ooooh that bed, I'm definitely going to run and starfish on that later, and I might just ask if I can move in permanently whilst I’m at it. 

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Thursday, 5:45pm 

In true Lauren style I typically left getting ready until the very last minute, stressed myself out, applied my eyeliner way too fast and ended up with it all down my face. Nice one. Eyeliner dilemma sorted, I headed to my lovely friend Meg’s hotel room to make our way down to reception for drinks with all of the other girls. 

PS (Meg has uploaded a vlog on our stay with Benefit over on her YouTube channel if you fancy watching me act all awkward). 

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Thursday, 6:30pm 

Cocktails drank, we all made our way onto the coach which was taking us to the Space Centre in Leicester. We joked that we felt like we were going on a school trip (obviously a much funner school 
trip of course, I can’t remember drinking cocktails back in year 8). 

Space Centre- Leicester, Thursday, 7:00pm 

When we arrived we were greeted with smoking pink cocktails, pink astronauts, the most amazing decor, and canapés-Benefit certainly don’t disappoint when it comes to all things girly. We had time to mingle, and then a presentation shortly after in the planetarium on their amazing new Bad Gal Bang mascara. 

Space Centre- Leicester, Thursday, 7:20pm 

Presentation finished, and light up pink rocket bags received, bloggers being bloggers it was now time for photos. I tried my absolute best to dodge the photographer, but didn’t succeed and ended up standing awkwardly, because how the hell am I supposed to pose when my mum isn’t taking the photo? Lessons needed please. 

Space Centre- Leicester, Thursday, 8:00pm 

Now it was time for our three course meal, and I’m not going to lie this was the part that excited me the most... a soup starter, braised beef and fondant potato main, and a rich chocolate dessert with glitter on top, yes glitter on top, plus free drinks all night. YES PLEASE, give me the wine. 

The table was set out with the most beautiful flowers, it was safe to say I was practically in heaven. A bottle of wine and a couple of cocktails down I had to do that thing of making sure I didn’t embarrass myself by oversharing, thankfully I don’t think I embarrassed myself too much... but then hey, you’ll have to ask the lovely girls sat next to me what they think about that one. 

The dinner was my favourite part of my entire stay with Benefit, it was absolutely delicious and I really did have to pinch myself as I couldn’t believe that I’d had the opportunity to do something as amazing as this. I felt so lucky and the girls I met there were just the loveliest ever, it was so nice to get to know them. 

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Thursday, 10:30pm 

Three course meal demolished, we arrived back at the hotel. Meg and I decided to stay down for a drink with the Benefit PR girls, who are all just the friendliest girls you’ll ever meet in your life, they made our time there SO enjoyable. After our quick drink in the hotel lobby, Meg and I had a little girly night catching up and putting the world to rights back in my hotel room all cuddled up in the huge bed, exhausted ourselves by talking way too much and called it a night. 

Such party animals aren’t we?

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Friday 23rd, 6:50am

Unfortunately after the best night ever I felt deathly ill during the night, despite the majorly huge, comfy bed I only managed to get a total of an hours sleep as I was in tears as I was in massive amounts of pain. I don’t regret going though because I enjoyed it so much, the pain and suffering afterwards was definitely worth it. 

Marriott Hotel- Leicester, Friday, 11:30am 

All of us could make our way down for breakfast in the hotel but as I wasn’t feeling well, I decided I’d have to give it a miss, so opted for breakfast in bed whilst watching This Morning instead. Which is just as good, let’s just be honest. Breakfast finished it was sadly time to check out (I seriously didn’t want to leave). 

All in all I had the most amazing sleepover with Benefit and I met some of the best girls, I really can’t thank everyone enough for making my stay SO enjoyable. It’s definitely an experience I’ll never forget. 

Oh, and just in case you’re wondering, you bet I star-fished feeling like an absolute princess in that bed, it just had to be done. 

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