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Tuesday, 12 September 2017

You don't need to achieve everyday- the importance of taking time out

Calling all you girls: you know those bad moods that don't just last a couple of hours, nor a day, but an entire bloody week (read: month) instead? Well for the past few weeks I've experienced what can only be described as a month long mood...

Arctic Monkeys 'mardy bum' argumentative, and I had a face on style- which doesn't quite add up as I had the most fabulous plans lined up, and I did actually manage to have fun in between, despite feeling all round irritated. 

^ Yep, I'd gone and done it again hadn't I, for the first time in a while I made the same old stupid mistake of pushing myself waaaay beyond my limits, which caused me to burn out massively- school girl error #101, when will I EVER learn? 

Y'see here's the thing... I'm an extreme perfectionist, like on another bloody level perfectionist, and it seems to have worked it's way into my job too.

 It's both equal parts a blessing and a curse. And I say curse as it's turned me into this crazy woman who still wants to be emailing and editing at 11pm at the weekends, as everything has to be oh so  p e r f e c t  or else it simply won't do. 

Each minute spent watching tv, or even just taking five minutes for lunch I've been all 'girl, what the hell are you playing at?! You could be taking photos, or replying to emails' I just find it too damn hard to switch off- please don't tell me that I'm the only one who has a really hard time trying to relax?! 

It basically goes a little like this: stress that I'm not working to my full potential, push my already fragile body too hard, burn out, and then feel exhausted and slack on the tasks I do carry out.. A never ending vicious cycle that is far from healthy, as you cannot physically pour from an empty cup, and obviously with having M.E this has caused my health to relapse. 

Annnnd breatheeee! 

So sometimes, just sometimes even I need to take a step back for my own sanity. A step back from the crazy whirlwind that is everyday life; the do list the length of my arm, the constant pressure from myself to achieve, and the need to always do more in life. A never ending roundabout of absolute stress- just pass a girl a glass bottle of wine already.

Soooo, just in case you can relate to my horrendously boring, rather stressy ramble, here's a few down time methods that have been helping me massively when it comes to learning to totally switch off and relax... 

1.) A scorching hot bubble bath accompanied by loads of flickering candles, and a huge glass of wine 

So I'm just going to apologise before I even start banging on about... bubble baths. Yep, I'm mentioning the miracle worker that is a hot, candlelight bath yet again on my blog, I'm obsessed, and with good reason too might I just add. 

When I say bubble bath, I mean really go ALL OUT. Grab a bright bath bomb, pour a huge glass of wine- maybe even treat yourself to some chocolate if you're feeling really fancy- light about ten candles for maximum affect and relaxation, AND THEN shut the door and say cya to the world for at least twenty minutes. 

- Don't even think about letting your phone in on all of the fun, just don't. I mean, I won't lie, I'm one clumsy bitch and would end up dropping my phone in the bath so I'm not even tempted... but just in case you are. You'll sabotage all chance of maximum relaxation levels, this is time for you. 

2.) Cocktails and feel good music 

Nothing screams stress reliever quite like a strong cocktail and good music, absolutely nothing. And I know, I know, I mentioned the importance of letting your hair down in my previous blogpost but I really just wanted to reiterate again, as it's a game changer when it comes to unwinding and letting go I tell ya. 

Invite all of your favourite girls round, create a playlist full of the songs that make you want to get up and dance (mine usually includes Destiny's Child 'say my name', club anthems and Justin Timberlake throwbacks- not even ashamed, LOL actually I am, never make me go though my YouTube history, I'll most likely die of embarrassment) and then get mixing up some homemade cocktails. 

Because feeling tipsy, singing awfully on karaoke and telling your friends that you love them at 1am is a always a good idea! 

3.) One day every few weeks dedicated to making a blanket fort on the sofa and binge watching a new series 

No, lazy days aren't unproductive at all. In fact one every few weeks works absolute wonders for me, and feels like a real treat... yes I am that fogey that I consider a day watching tv, with a hot choc cocooned up in a blanket a pure luxury. When did it ever come to this? 

Time spent recharging your batteries is never time wasted. Nothing says relaxation quite like spending an hour watching Doctor Foster- even if that does make me shout at the tv and takes a further half an hour to recover from the pure stress of feeling like I'm actually Gemma herself and the one being cheated on and lied to. < It's actually more enjoyable than I just overdramatised, promise

So I'll finish with a reminder: you don't need to be 'killing it', or working like 'girl boss' - (major cringe that I've just used that phrase) everyday, I'd say that health and happiness comes first, no matter what. 

It's so so important to take time out, and look after number one, days spent simply existing are needed- who cares if you maybe don't achieve anything for that one day and simply just shower, eat and sleep. Self care is vital, it's important that you remember that! 

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