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Monday, 25 September 2017

The key clothing items that will kick start your Autumn wardrobe just nicely

I hate to break it to you all but I'm not part of the cliché 'Shut the front door. It's September, which basically makes it full blown autumn, pass me a pumpkin spiced latte, over the knee boots and a chunky knit' club... I know, am I even a typical girl that uses Instagram? 

As much as I am getting a bit overexcited about berry lips, berry nails... basically berry bloody everything- this is where the typical girl that lies within me decides to make an appearance- half of me is kinda sad to see the back of lazy afternoons in the sun. I mean, let's be honest, as much as crunchy leaves and cosy clothes are nice, nothing quite beats a natural tan- because who the heck has the time and energy to fake tan every week?! Erm, not me. 

So, being as though plummeting temperates, and allll of the hot chocolate sipping is just around the corner I thought that I'd try to get myself into the autumn spirit with the only way I know how... Kick starting my A/W wardrobe, because now that I do love. 

All about those over the knee boots

First up on my list, because I'm just so damn obsessed, are over the knee boots. As I am more of a summer gal the transition from sandals to chunky ankle boots makes me want to cry a little, but over the knees really are the bees knees, and they seem to be  the 'in thing' at the minute, which perfect as I'll now be wearing them 24/7 until spring rolls around again. 

Of course when full blown A/W arrives over the knee styles are perfect as they're warm as well as on trend- frostbite, freezing toes. Drop. Me. Out. If we're talking September/early October then these are the perfect shoe option too as you can team them with practically anything and have people fooled that you really have your autumn style nailed at the same time. Winning.

My absolute favourite pair at the moment- they're basically never off my feet- are from River Island. They're also insanely comfy and a doddle to walk in despite the high heel... and if that doesn't make them the dream pair of boots, then I don't know what will? Oh, and if you love otk's as much as I do, you'll probably go all heart eye emoji over these grey pair from Miss Pap too. The dream. 

That jacket that adds an injection of life to your otherwise plain OOTD

Now, I fear that I'm going to sound like your grandma here, but please forgive me as we all need a jacket that stops us from feeling nippy- where's the impractical Lauren, and what have you done with her?!- and yet looks super on trend at the same time too. 

September is a difficult, 'what the heck am I actually going to wear today' month because it isn't yet cold enough to don a thick furry coat, but if you dare to leave the house without something on your arms you risk signing yourself up for permanent goose bumps all day, and y'know if we're being really honest, nipples that could have someone's eye out- perhaps that was a little too honest ay. 

...Which is where the light jacket that you can throw over anything comes out to play! 

I've opted for a burgundy suede biker jacket from River Island this year as it adds an injection of life to an otherwise plain OOTD. I tend to team it with black skinny jeans, my good old faithful heels and a pair of sunglasses on top of my head which act purely as an added sassy vibe, as appose to their intended purpose. You're telling me people only wear sunglasses when it's sunny? Oh... 

That dreamy leather skirt that goes with everything 

How people survive without a statement skirt that you can throw on with anything and everything and still look semi stylish, I'm not quite sure. 

When I say anything and everything: we're talking a variety of different jumpers, jackets, and coats, because let's face it who can be bothered to make a huge effort everyday? Not me. 

I don't tend to wear skirts as much throughout the summer months but by the time autumn arrives a leather skirt from New Look is a wardrobe necessity as it's sliming, can be dressed either up or down with a pair of heels/dressy top, and it also ticks my vital 'must go with absolutely everything' box. You can also go out for a meal, go all out without worrying about spilling dinner down you as it's wipeable too, basically, it's a life saver. 

Something very berry 

If you don't own at least one item of burgundy clothing, then is your autumn wardrobe even complete? 

As I mentioned in my intro berry hues are my absolute favourite thing about the colder months, wether it be a top, handbag or pair of shoes you absolutely NEED that something very berry in your life. 

This years burgundy choice is a suede bodycon dress from Primark, which at only £13 [shocked face emoji] is an absolute bargain and will no doubt be worn countless times. 

Which brings me to the end of my key transitional clothing items for the A/W. Which styles are you loving this year? I'd love to hear in the comments as I'm always on the lookout for something new... Typical girl and all that! 

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