Sunday 10 September 2017

Let's get lippy | The five vampy MAC lipstcks that you absolutely need this autumn

~L -  R:  D for danger, Charlottle Tilbury- Glastonberry, Rebel, Diva, Charlotte Tilbury- Walk of shame, Dubonnet, M.A.C Red~

I think it's safe to say that summer has disappeared for yet another year. I mean, I would be upset about this... but how can you be when it's now acceptable to light all of the candles, drink all of the hot chocolate and wear all of the vampy lipsticks again?! I don't know about you but I'm excited about the latter anyway, so with this being said, here's the five MAC lipsticks you need to buy in time for A/W... 

Rebel | Shade- Plum with berry pink undertones | Finish- Satin 
I usually tend to fall out of love with a lipstick the longer I've owned it, but not Rebel. This still remains one of my absolute faves for autumn/winter, and that's even when it's been sitting in my makeup bag for what feels like forever. This is also one of those lipsticks that looks different on each person, depending on your skin tone- on me it's more of a deep vampy purple, whereas on others it can look slightly on the pinker/plum side. Try it, I dare you... be a rebel - see what I did there? ;) 

M.A.C Red | Shade- Rich classic red | Finish- Satin
Whenever anybody asks me to recommend them a classic red lipstick, I always point them in the direction of MAC Red. I'm a massive fan of the satin finish, as they aren't completely matte, meaning that they still have that moisturising element without looking glossy, which is exactly what you want when you're wearing something bright- chapped lips aren't a good look, are they?! Oh, and dare I say it... It's the perfect red for over the Christmas period. I know, I know, it's only September but I couldn't not throw that out there! 

- For an alternative to MAC, I'd recommend Charlotte Tilbury 'Walk of shame' (left), and Glaston-Berry (right) 

Diva | Shade- Burgundy | Finish- Matte 
Diva is one of the well known MAC lipsticks, and for good reason too as the deep burgundy colour is definitely worth raving about. The staying power is amazing, and I'd know as my dinner choice every time I'm out is a wrap, burger/something equally as messy... We all know if a lipstick survives a burger then it may as well be considered invincible. I bet that last line has really sold it to you, hasn't it?! 

Dubonnet | Shade- Dark brick red | Finish- Amplified Creme 
Dubonnet was my go-to lipstick last winter, but since owning Diva I haven't used it half as much. Colour wise it's still one of my favourites, but as it's an Amplified Creme finish it does tend to need touching up more than a matte. This is slightly lighter than Diva, so to all of you considering braving a vampy shade this autumn, I'd recommend this. It still has that vampy element, just not as 'in your face'- which for somebody like myself that loves a 'look at me. Now.' lip, this just doesn't win as many brownie points!

D for Danger | Shade- Dark berry | Finish- Matte
I thought that I'd save the very best until last, so here's the lipstick I consider 'cream of the crop'. D for Danger is the latest member of my MAC vampy lip club, and it's already made it's way firmly into first place, as the dark berry hue is the most flattering lipstick I own and makes my teeth appear super white (well, at least whiter than they actually are anyway). Like Diva, the staying powder scores a massive 10/10, making it the absolute dream autumn lip. 

So there we have it, my top vampy lip picks for over the autumn/winter. Also, you can have a nosy at my entire MAC lippy collection, here. Go on, I know you want to!

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