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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Bloggers behind closed doors | The embarrassing outtakes that don't get uploaded

Who on earth manages to have perfect hair, perfect clothes, and an equally perfect life to match said enviable wardrobe, and princess locks? Well, onlookers may argue that the majority of bloggers manage to achieve all of those things quite easily.

But that's the thing you see, on the surface a bloggers life might seem all clothes and fancy cocktails, delve a little deeper and you'll find out that unbrushed messy hair, chocolate binges, and oversized fluffy onesies still very much exist... I'm obviously speaking for myself here.

You bet we take 100 shots of a hot chocolate, and then go on to edit our favourite photo for a further ten minutes just to ensure that our Instagram grid remains as 'on point' as ever- feel free to slap me for using the cool kid phrase 'on point' by the way. I mean, no perfect photo happens by chance.

So, to prove my point I thought I'd let you have a nosy at my blogging outtakes- oh, and let's not tar all bloggers with the same brush, I just happen to be the goofiest of them all, enjoy...

The 'laugh uncontrollably because somebody just caught you posing' pic

If taking outfit photos in the street wasn't slightly embarrassing enough, wait until a group of lads walk past and start shouting 'sexy señorita', and 'hey, those cheeks are talking to me'... can a deep dark ditch just temporarily swallow me up, pls and thanks?

I've got to give it to them though, A* for creativity, who knew people even used the word 'señorita' besides when you're singing along to Justin Timberlake at the top of your voice after a few too many cocktails?! Not me.


The 'I've clearly had too much prosecco' snaps

I think the title speaks for itself- prosecco must contain some sort of secret ingredient that turns me into a professional dancer, and the funniest person to exist on this earth, ever... or so I like to imagine after a bottle anyway.

Lets be honest it really just turns me into a giggling mess with atrocious dance moves and the inability to take a decent photo. All girls can relate, I hope.

'Have you REALLY not got a good one yet hun?'

Either I'm a bit impatient, or just the fussiest person ever when it comes getting a good photo (spoiler: both). I don't think my mum realises what she's let herself in for when she agrees to taking an outfit photo for me #prayforkaren.


The 'inappropriate footwear dilemma' photo

Trying to do a twirl in the middle of a busy local park, in what can only be described as ankle breaker, six inch heels is perhaps not one of my finer moments in life. Cue uncontrollable, embarrassed laughter as onlookers look at me gone out as I almost crash to the floor.

I'll refrain from sharing my fall as I must say it's probably THE most embarrassing thing that's happened to me whilst taking blog photos.


The 'totally unimpressed about looking half naked' pic

I have NO WORDS for this photo. I'm horrified to learn that I look half naked/as though I only have a coat and heels on from the back whilst wearing my fave outfit. Let's just say I won't be making that mistake again... where are the black tights at?!


The 'remaining serious and sensible is just a bit overrated isn't it?' snap

And last, but certainly not least... the classic hysterical laughter snap, which just so happens to make up 99.9% of my camera roll. For every half decent outfit of the day  hides approximately fifty of these bad boys. Maturity levels at an all time high, as always.


So, there we have it, all of my embarrassing photos for you all to see. Remember, next time you're sat wishing that you could be as cool as your favourite blogger, think twice about it as nobody is picture perfect 24/7. Oh, and whilst I'm at it, do you have any funny outtakes of your own? Send um' over so we can have a good old laugh together.

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