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Friday, 3 February 2017

My guide to the ultimate weekend in; pimp your prosecco, popcorn bar


A quiet night in over a night out is more your thing? Then you may as well consider yourself part of my 'absolutely wild, cannot be tamed' club. I mean, who said teddy bear onesies and a food baby after consuming copious amounts of Ben & Jerry's half baked ice-cream isn't fun? Erm, nobody. 

If you know me well enough... actually scrap that. If you follow me on Instagram (@itslittlelauren- shameful plug) then you'll know that I like to party... And by party I mean stay in and eat all of the junk food, drink all of the cocktails, and generally be a bit of a bore in front of the tv instead of getting all dolled up to go around the town and drink one too many cocktails with my gal pals. It's wild, honestly.

Whether you're planning on a quiet night in watching a film complete with allll of the sweets, or a rather boozy catch up and dance off in the kitchen with your friend- I've got you covered. So, if like me you're a bit of a stay in and order a takeaway kinda girl, here's my guide to the ultimate weekend in from the granny herself, enjoy... 

First up, you're going to want to plan what kind of night in you want... do you want a slightly more relaxed evening sprawled out on the sofa, or do you fancy yourself as a bit of a cocktail connoisseur, who will no doubt be dancing around to 90's throwbacks approximately two hours after that first sip of wine? .... guilty! 

I'll plan a night in for both occasions, so just go ahead and choose accordingly! 

A night in for the one that wants to relax and unwind after a busy week; 

You've had a stressful week, you're exhausted and all that you want to do is snuggle up on the sofa in a rather unattractive pair of pj's... there's only one thing for it; a film night complete with heaps upon heaps of food. 


Suggestion 1: A cinema style treat box- aka the perfect partner to accompany your Netflix binge. 

Fairy lights on, Netflix all raring to go, fluffy blanket fort = tick- now the only thing left on the list to sort out is a sugar heavy feast. Think popcorn, candy king pic'n'mix- bought at Wilko's for half the price than what you'd pay at the cinema, obvs- and a huge chocolate milkshake- which, lets be honest doesn't quite live up to a Tango ice blast, but hey, we'll roll with it. 

I bought my cinema style box from B&M, it's intended purpose is to hold cupcakes but there's nothing quite like a multi-purpose item, is there. 

Suggestion 2: Popcorn bar

This idea is slightly similar to my last suggestion, minus the milkshake. To create a popcorn bar you'll want to head out and buy all of your favourite sweets, my personal favourite popcorn combo's are; maltesers, peanut M&M's, and Haribo- but just go and pick whatever you fancy. 

Sweets bought, simply chuck them into different containers- The Range is my go to shop for quirky tubs and popcorn holders- and get ready to relax in front of the tv for the rest of the night. PS: popcorn bars make for the best instagram snaps... just saying. 


A night in for the one who fancies letting their hair down; 

You aren't quite feeling a full on night 'out out' that consists of catching frost bite waiting for taxis, and fake eyelashes hanging off your chin by the end of the night, but you definitely don't plan on sitting in front of the tv with a cuppa either. 

So this calls for a girls night in, full of allll of the wine, cocktails and bad singing at 2am in the kitchen- don't you just love how wine gives you enough confidence to think that you maybe ought to apply for Xfactor, and start a dance career... or maybe not. 

Suggestion 1: Wine and cheese evening- you know, if you want to pretend that you're that bit classier, and swankier than you actually really are. 


This is the perfect plan if you fancy having a drink... or three, and want something to impress your friends with- because we all know that at least 80% of girls just love cheese and wine, and all of the best stories are told after a few glasses of wine have been consumed. 

Light all of your fancy candles, stock up on your favourite wine, and get ready to gossip the night away. Oh, and if you're a fan of spice, I strongly suggest that head out to Aldi and try chilli infused cheese- it'll change your life. 

Suggestion 2: Pimp your prosecco - because well, Prosecco is always the answer 

This is the absolute one if you plan on turning the music up and pulling out your very best dance moves, your friends will totally think that you're the best friend ever hosting an evening purely dedicated to dancing and prosecco. 

Simply stock up on lots of Prosecco, strawberries, raspberries/all of your favourite fruits and pimp your drink to your tasting. *Sidenote: now is the perfect time to blast out those throwback 90's club anthems... so baby if you want me, you've got to show me loveeee. 


So there we have it, weekend suggestions catered exactly to your needs. Whether you're planning on a quiet one, or a slightly more wild one, I hope that you have a lovely weekend whichever you choose... oh, and don't forget to tag me in your antics over on instagram (@itslittlelauren) I'd absolutely love to see. 

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