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Monday, 9 January 2017

The reason why you need to stop comparing your life to others the same age

I've certainly made no secret of the fact that 2016 definitely wasn't one of the best, but if there was one good thing to come out of an unhappy year, that would be finally discovering that no good will ever come from comparing my own life/achievements to those the same age as myself.  

I mentioned this briefly in my previous post, but I just wanted to reiterate this again as a lot of you seemed to relate, and I truly believe that putting myself down for the entirety of last year for perhaps not having my life quite as figured out as my old school mates, was the very root cause of my unhappiness...

...and no, I won't sugar coat it; I was a bit of a moody bitch as a result. 

But do you know what? Life isn't a race, and yet there I was feeling 100 steps behind everybody else- and if I'm being completely honest- inadequate, after each catch up with a friend. Of course I was over the moon that my friends were achieving, and moving on in life, but that didn't mean that it made me feel any less sick and useless. 

You see, that's the thing, with a little realisation I've learnt that just because I haven't achieved quite as much just yet, doesn't mean to say that I won't ever get there-  everybody has 'their time'. I have my whole damn life to buy a nice car, move out and travel to new countries, and truth be told, each and every one of us are all just winging it. Why such panic, and comparison? 

So if I'm going to make this year a much happier one I'll quit dwelling on the down moments from last year- I suspect you've already shouted 'girl, cheer the heck up' at least twice whilst reading that, no?- and share the moments that I feel truly content and happy... because, in my opinion, life really is all about the little things, and putting a positive spin on things will always be best. 

On the sofa with a takeaway, fluffy blankets, candles and family 

Now, this might mean that I actually qualify for being a completely boring 70 year old granny, but hey... there's just something really special about my rather pale no makeup face, and a cosy candlelight living room. 

I'd even go as far as to say that when I'm chilling on the sofa watching a film looking a bit of a state in my reindeer onesie, chowing down on a Domino's pizza- with garlic and herb dip all down my chin, just me? - only taking a break to sip wine in between, I'm at my absolute happiest. 

Dedicating an evening purely to relaxing, indulging and watching my favourite tv programs/films really does make me appreciate the little things in life- Domino's garlic and herb dip, I'm talking about you <3- no but seriously, cosy nights in are underrated. 

Quality time with the ones I love the most 

Quality time with family is without a doubt the thing that matters the most to me in life. Wether that be a girly day out with my Mum and Grandma and we head out for lunch, bake brownies together or simply just stay in and chat- that's when I'm truly happy. 

Y'know the type of happiness where you feel all warm and fuzzy? Well that's how I feel when me and my mum giggle like a pair of school girls at the most ridiculous things together, or sing along at the top of our voices to club anthems in the living room. 

I'll never ever stop appreciating and being grateful that my Mum and Grandma, as well as being amazing parents are also my very best friends. 

Driving alone in the car listening to my favourite music 

There was I time when I thought that I'd never pass my driving test, so driving along belting out- still concentrating on the road, don't worry-  'so baby if you want me, you've got to show me loveee' with the music turned up is a feeling that I'll never tire of. 

Being able to drive brings so much independence and freedom, and I don't think that no other feeling can quite compare to that, so when I look back and remember that there was a time that I believed I'd never achieve it, I feel proud, really bloody proud. 

Chronic illness has made me truly appreciate the simple, basic everyday tasks such as simply being able to manage a short trip to Tesco on good days which some may take for granted. 

So, heres to positivity and finding happiness in everyday- when do you feel at your happiest? 

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