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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Self-confidence, and why empowering other girls is so important

Contrary to popular belief us bloggers aren't as confident as you lot like to think. In actual fact, we're just like you normal folk in the sense that there's days when our self-confidence decides to take a bit of a dip, which, in turn results in us doubting everything from our own capabilities, to moaning about our appearance. I feel as though people often forget that we're just your everyday average girls, with just as many problems and insecurities as the next.

I'm going to be brutally honest now, and let you into one of the areas that I lack confidence in, and that's blogging. I often feel as though I can't produce content as glossy as these full time, top of their game, popular bloggers; complete and utterly out of their league, if you like. 

And let me tell you why I think this way: A.) I didn't own a DSLR camera up until recently, and improvised by using my phone to snap away instead  B.) I'm not as witty, and can't produce content as regularly as I'd like to, and lastly, C.) My outfit snaps are mirror selfies, as appose to glossy magazine style, London City fashion shoots. 

Sure, I have days where I'll think to myself 'you know what, the lack of fancy camera, and professional looking photos doesn't hold me back, it's irrelevant', and then other days I'll think 'actually, it does matter, how can I stand out from an ever growing crowd of successful, creative individuals with the very basics?' Seriously, get the violins out *laughing face emoji* 

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Let's be honest, it just boils down to self-confidence, it's a bloody hard 'skill' to master, after all. Heck, I should know, I've lived by the age old advice of 'fake it til' you make it' for as long as I can remember, and well, I'm yet to actually 'make it'. 

All I'm simply trying to say is; EVERYBODY has insecurities, and lacks in confidence from time to time, and yes, even people you consider to be full of confidence- fashion bloggers for instance- have days where they'll feel deflated, and a little less like themselves. 

Which is exactly why girls empowering other girls; paying each other compliments, and uplifting one another when need be is so important. Start telling that random girl in Topshop that you love her hair, and let your friend know how proud you are of her when she passes her exams, chances are you will make their day. I do believe that being negative towards others will never improve your own self-confidence.  

Oh, and let me let you into a little secret, us bloggers will often spend our days in a onesie, watching back to back episodes of Birds Of A Feather, eating all of the junk food in sight... But shhh, don't tell anyone, let people keep on pretending that we're uber cool, and spend our days strutting around shooting super chić OOTD's. 

Anyway, joking aside: Do you agree that complimenting, and uplifting other girls is important? Get discussing in the comments, I'd love to hear your different opinions. 

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