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Monday, 21 November 2016

Three seriously festive cocktails to get the Christmas party started

If I had to sum up the Christmas party season in only four words I'd have to go with: cocktails, sequins, food, and erm, yet more cocktails?... Yes, more cocktails- January wouldn't be January without a health kick/let's get fit mission after all, let's be honest.
...Which is just as well as I fully intend to indulge this Christmas, y'know, a Terry's chocolate orange, a few mince pies, and a couple of cocktails (that basically translates to 'I swear that I'm only going to have two cocktails... Two hours later and hey, you've guessed it, I've accidentally on purpose necked three mojito's, two glasses of prosecco, and a glass of Bailey's- don't you just hate when that happens?!) 

So, to kick start the festive season with a bang here's three cocktail recipes to get the party started... 

Candy cane kick cocktail: 

...A cocktail for the one whose Christmas obsession is slightly out of hand

•Red edible glitter to add to the rim (optional) 
•2 ounces strawberry vodka 
•2 drops of peppermint extract 
•2 1/2 ounces cranberry juice 
•Ice cubes 

The method:

Sprinkle your glitter onto a small plate- primary school craft day, eat your heart out- and  then wet the outside rim of a chilled martini glass with water. Holding the glass by the stem, rotate the rim to coat with glitter. 

Fill a cocktail shaker with ice, strawberry vodka, peppermint extract and cranberry juice, and shake like hell. Strain into a chilled martini glass and garnish with a mini candy cane. Ta-da, you should now have one seriously Christmassy cocktail to impress your friends with the next time they're round- are you Buddy the Elf in disguise? Who knows, let's leave them guessing. 

Sparkling cotton candy prosecco (aka 'glamour in a glass'): 

...Hands up if you love all things sweet, sparkly, and totally Instagram worthy? This ones for you 

•Silver/gold edible glitter to add to the rim (optional) 
•Prosecco of your choice 
•Candy floss 

The method: 

To add that little bit of extra glamour to your glass you'll want to coat the rim with lots of glitter, follow the instructions previously to achieve that extra touch. 

Start by placing a small amount of candy floss in the bottom of the glass, and then pour chilled prosecco of your choice to soak. Once it's dissolved simply finish with yet more candy floss to garnish. And if that doesn't satisfy your slightly high maintenance, prosecco obsessed gal pals, well then I don't know what will?! 

Hot, indulgent, chocolate Bailey's: 

...Best suited to a complete chocoholic with an equal love for alcohol

•2 ounces Bailey's Original Irish Cream 
•4 ounces hot chocolate 
•Fresh whipped cream 
•Mini Lindt chocolate bear (optional) 

The method: 

Start by pouring the Bailey's into your chosen glass/mug. Continue by making your favourite hot chocolate as you usually would, and then once finished pour into the mug with the Bailey's in, and stir well. Finish with a generous squirt of freshly whipped cream, gold balls, and a mini Lindt chocolate bear. One indulgent hot choc to cosy up by the fire with, made as easy as that. 

So there we have it, three seriously festive cocktails (or if we're being precise, two cocktails and a hot chocolate) to enjoy over the festive season and party with. Which one have you got your eye on making? 

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