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Monday, 3 October 2016

All things autumnal: crunchy leaves, thigh highs & berry lips. Expectations vs. reality

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Sunglasses: River Island
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Belt: New Look 
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Handbag: Zara 

I adore autumn, I really do: the vivid trees, the fashion (over the knee boot season YES), oh and the most important point- the colder weather now means that it's acceptable to wrap yourself up like a cocoon in your duvet, and drink three hot chocolates laden with gooey marshmallows and cream all before 12pm strikes, because well... it's cold okay.

But believe me when I say that autumn isn't quite as picturesque as us typical gals on Instagram like to make out- it's probably best that we don't caption our pumpkin spice latte with that bold statement though ay, don't want to have our typical Insta girl title stripped from us and all that. 

If we were to be completely honest though, here's what our captions would really say... 

Expectation: A brisk walk through the bright crunchy leaves 

Autumn = allll of the pretty leaves which means that a walk through the park is made 10x more fun, and I might just be able to get a postcard perfect snap if I'm lucky. Maybe I'll grab a PSL to accompany me on my walk if I'm feeling really fancy. 

Reality: Soggy, rained on leaves that are about as slippery as an ice rink 

That perfect walk through the park that I'd pictured in my head really materialises into dodging the leaves in fear of going arse over tit, and embarrassing myself in front of the entire park in the process, as my PSL gets spilt everywhere- who the heck knew that innocent looking leaves could be so damn lethal?! Yeah, maybe we'll skip the walk next time, the absolute shame of falling flat on your arse will last a lifetime. 

Expectation: Misty crisp mornings with a hot chocolate in hand 

Ahhh there's nothing better than a crisp morning: a chunky knit scarf, a big cosy jumper, and over the knee boots with a hot chocolate in hand- I am the ultimate cosy queen. So cosy, so content. 

Reality: Dark gloomy rainy mornings that are just a little bit depressing 

Let's be honest, it's Britain, so of course it's raining and absolutely bloody freezing. Less of the cosy, more of the drowned rat with icicles for fingers. Get me home ASAP, I need furry blankets and flickering candles immediately to get me over this horrific ordeal. Such a diva! 

Expectation: Vampy, ultra on trend dark lips 

The plummeting temperatures can only mean one thing... Dark vampy lipstick- the plum tones, and burgundy hues can now make their way out of hibernation ready to make us all look that little bit more sassier/edgier looking. I'm going to transform myself into the definition of autumn, and don a dark lip everyday- even if I'm only nipping to the supermarket, because why the heck not? Got to look good for the chocolate aisle, haven't I! 

Reality: Smudged lips and burgundy stained teeth 

Now, this might just be me being a bit of an amateur when it comes to makeup, but dark lipstick is an absolute nightmare to apply... One false move and you can end up looking a bit like the joker- not quite the look I was after. A catch up with a friend over a coffee will leave you with MAC 'Rebel' smeared all over your chin and teeth, rather than on your lips, which cancels out all levels of sassy/cool you'd thought you'd earned yourself when you first applied it- just as well best friends don't love you for your makeup skills, hey. 

...oh and a little warning, from one girl to another, popping into Tesco to do your weekly shop whilst working a berry lip might make you feel a little bit daft. 

Expectation: On trend, super stylish daily attire 

You only have to scroll through Pinterest to realise that autumn is all about cute cut out boots, baggy roll neck dresses teamed with thigh highs, and tartan print skirts, which only means one thing... a trip to Topshop and Miss Selfridge is definitely in order. Your newly updated, sophisticated wardrobe now means that you can look super stylish no matter the occasion: a shopping trip, a quick coffee with a friend, drinks at the pub- the list is endless. It's all planned out. 

Reality: Thick unattractive coats and scruffy comfy boots 

I'm sorry, but if it's anything below 10 degrees, my thick fogey coat will make an appearance, and my fluffy pj top will be worn underneath. The glamour. Less of the sophisticated über glam, and more of the granny that chooses warmth and comfort over style. Apologises for letting the team down, but frostbite toes? Count me right out. 

Expectation: Freaky looking Halloween outfit 

It's all worked out, I'm going to watch about 71726 different super scary looking Halloween makeup tutorials on YouTube and transform myself into a freaky vampire with realistic looking bite marks on my neck. None of this girly cat/devil stuff that all girls seem to love on Halloween, I'm going to freak people out. 

Reality: Cute looking cat with whiskers drawn on with a cheap eyeliner 

Who knew that this Halloween makeup malarkey is actually harder to achieve than it looks? Let's scrap the freaky vampire idea, pass me a pair of cat ears, and a cheap eyeliner so that I can draw a few whiskers, that'll do for this year. 

Expectation: Plans to attend a bonfire night and eat all of the hot dogs 

Bonfire night = sparklers, allll of the pretty fireworks, hot dogs with onions, and maybe a toffee apple if I'm lucky. It's going to the best night ever all wrapped up in my cosy coat and wooly scarf, I'm going to love every minute of the firework display and get at least two good photos, and a video to share on Facebook. 

Reality: All plans get cancelled so i can stop in the warmth like the granny I am 

If you haven't stopped in at least once on bonfire night, and settled for watching your neighbours firework 'display' from your living room window instead, you're lying. Forget standing up waiting in the freezing cold, that's overrated when you can watch fireworks from your sofa in comfort. Maybe next year I'll actually attend a bonfire, my inner granny hasn't decided yet. 

Yet despite all of the realities- and if we're being honest, the moaning, autumn will forever remain my all time favourite! What do you think to Autumn and all of the perks (hot chocolate sipping, and berry lips, I'm looking at you), are you a fan? 

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