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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Twelve things all Instagram addicts will be able to relate to...

I'm sure it'll come as no surprise to you when I say I'm just a little bit in love with Instagram. Maybe it's the nosy parker in me, yep, it is the nosy parker in me. You can bet if something is happening in the street, I'm straight up twitching at the blinds trying to get the goss- just on neighbourhood watch and all that.

Anyway, back to all things Instagram now, I know I'm not the only one obsessed, and I know that you'll more than likely relate to all twelve things on my list... 
And if you aren't an Instagram addict, then maybe just give this one a miss, it'll be like a foreign language to you. 

1.) You photograph everything, and I mean, ev-e-ry-thing. Nutella pancakes for breakfast? Oooh let's Instagram these babies. New- most probably MAC- lipstick? Yes, you definitely need showing off, to Instagram you go. Random cat on the street? STAND STILL, Instagram will love you. 

...I'm just shocked that my gourmet lunch consisting of beans on toast hasn't made an appearance yet- all in good time. 

2.) You now appreciate heart shaped bowls, crunchy autumnal leaves, and fairy lights that little bit more since joining Instagram, because well, don't they just make for an absolutely brilliant snap? No other reason at all, nope. 

 3.) Your friends and family will agree that you embarrass them on a daily basis with your overly snap happy ways. Girls just gotta get that perfect birds eye view shot of her meal out, regardless of whose looking. Sorry, mum. 

4.) Similarly to my point above, no meal out is complete without taking a photo to prove it. Let's be honest; did you even go out for a meal if you didn't take a photo? 

5.) You'll often upload a selfie of yourself done up to the nines whilst you're currently looking everything but, making you feel like the ultimate catfish. No makeup, a onesie, and scruffy hair that hasn't been brushed all day is pretty too, right? 

6.) Winter approaches and the one thing you hate most is the lack of natural light. You're telling me I'm going to have to turn about six lamps on, and spend half an hour trying to brighten my dark, grainy photo for the next four months? Bring back summer. 

7.) You have approximately ninety identical photos of the same lipstick in your camera roll. You'll insist they look different though. Now, which angle is better? 

8.) The same 'you're running out of storage' message will pop up on your phone at least once a day. Oh, that'll be the ninety shots of the same lipstick then. Hoarding photos is an actual disorder, I swear. 

9.) You'll often get referred to as 'goals'. And if you aren't down with the cool kids lingo I think that means they want to look like/be like you? I might be wrong. Anyway, 
you'll wonder why on earth you're 'goals' when you, and your life is really rather average. 

10.) A girl you've never met likes more of your photos than your real life best friend, and there's just something great about that internet pal bond. Hey, girl, I love your clothes, let's be BFF's. 

11.) You sometimes often buy things for the sake of it making a pretty photograph. But shhh, don't tell anybody. 

12.) Your friends/family are left shocked to the core when you decide to give taking a snap of something a miss. Something must be wrong, you're feeling ill aren't you. 

Ahh another day in the life of an IG addict, can you relate to any of these? 

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