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Monday, 29 May 2017

My top tips on how to make blogging on a budget work

Right, lets kick start this post with a quick question; what instantly springs to mind when you think of a blogger? A fancy camera maybe? An overflowing wardrobe, freebies galore, a top of the range MacBook... Oh, and how could I forget; marble and copper everything? I mean, you might not agree, but they're just a few of the things I imagine people associate with a blogger.

 The best bit is, you really don't have to own any of those items to make blogging work. It happens to be quite the opposite in fact, as believe it or not, none of those things exist in my life. Nope, I'm part of the 'make the most of what you've got' crew... although that can prove slightly awkward at times;  somebody asked me where my lipstick holder was from a little while ago, when it was actually an egg box from out of the fridge. So very glam of me, I know.

Anyway, egg boxes disguised as lipstick holders aside for the moment; I thought that some of you may find a few tips on how to blog on a budget helpful, so here goes...

Your trusty 'tools'

First up on the list, equipment- you wouldn't be blogging without it, after all. Some may tap away at their laptop, others might use their phone, but I personally use my iPad.

Honestly, you don't need to own a MacBook, or even a laptop for that matter, of course either would be nice. Although it's an easy assumption to make, snazzy- I can't believe I've just used that word, I promise I'm not your granny- equipment isn't a necessity when it comes to blogging.

So, how do I make blogging work without a laptop/computer? I rely on the 'notes' section on my iPad to get all of my content written down. Of course not all of you will own an iPad, but I'm pretty certain that you'll have a smart phone of some kind, and that's just as good. I mean, don't get me wrong it's a bit of a faff, but it's doable, and good if you're on the go.

The apps that will make life easier if this is your chosen blogging method are; 'Blogger', and 'BlogTouch'- BlogTouch being the better of the two as it allows you to add links unlike 'Blogger'. Phew, there's the boring bit over with...

Achieving your perfect design

Moving swiftly on to blog designs/layouts now. For the first year- and a bit, if we're being precise- my blog was completely 'self-made'. I mean, you name it and I can guarantee that it was designed by yours truly. That includes my header, social media buttons in the side bar, layout etc etc. And I'll tell you now, I'm no computer whizz either- I dropped out of ICT at school as I hated it that much, so if I can do it, you can too.

You might think that designing your blog yourself is going to be one huge impossible task, and you won't have the knowledge, or skills to make it happen, but that's where google comes in- aka my brain. There's honestly so many helpful tutorials out there explaining how to do everything! But, if all else fails, I'd recommend purchasing a pre-made Pipdig design as they will install your new look for you.

Also, 'PicMonkey' is a brilliant website for creating a new header, and once you've got the hang of it you'll be whipping out new headers in no time. It's as simple as choosing a font, adding a few illustrations to give it a bit of character, and then uploading your new improved look to your blog.

Nowadays I opt for a premade 'Pipdig' design to save all of the fuss. As well as their super professional looking designs, they also score major brownie points for their amazing customer service- a company that will install your new design within a day to save you the fuss is always going to be a winner in my eyes.


Pinterest worthy photography

Quite a few people say that the photography alone is what draws them in, so of course you want to make sure that your photos look similar to something that you'd pin on Pinterest.

You may think that you need to own the latest fancy camera, but if you don't have the cash to splash then no need to worry as the camera on your phone is better than it's ever been before, and with a little of practice you'll be giving David Bailey a run for his money in no time.

PS: Here's an in-depth guide on how I transform my amateur iPhone photos into professional looking blog ready snaps.

The two main apps I'd recommend are Snapseed, and PS Express. Also, if we're talking top tips, natural light is your BFF, as is the brightness tool on Instagram, you'll want to turn that baby right up if you want to achieve a vibrant finish.

Killer content

Blogging doesn't always have to be about new fancy makeup, clothes hauls or a review on the latest hair care product. You may feel like you have to post these things as it's what people are interested in reading, but the truth is both personality and honesty are always going to outshine a mediocre makeup review that you haven't enjoyed writing all that much.

Some bloggers might choose to write about Prada and Chanel- which are both lovely, don't get me wrong- but that doesn't mean that people want to read about your Primark OOTD any less. Those nitty gritty personal life posts are what make me really fall in love with a blogger, so don't feel that you'd be a useless blogger because you don't own any fancy clothes- you do you.

And so that's a wrap, my top tips for any of you bloggers on a tighter budget. I really hope that this has helped anybody that can't afford to buy expensive equipment, please do let me know if there's anything that helps you in the comments as I'd love to hear what works for you!

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