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Monday, 26 September 2016

How to take an Instagram photo worthy of 1,000 likes

Ahhh Instagram, the world that's full to the brim of perfect selfies galore, stylish OOTD's and delicious looking brunch snaps- majority of which boast a massive 1000 likes, of course. I for one am absolutely obsessed with having a lil scroll every now and then. Who am I kidding? I so have a nose at least every ten minutes. 

Anyway, nosy confessions aside... What exactly does make these pictures worthy of all of the fuss they receive? Well, if you're left feeling baffled at that very question, here's how to snap away like the true, insta famous star you really are destined to be...

Natural light is your best friend

Nothing screams professional quite like a brightly light, clear photo. I mainly take all of my photos in the afternoon when the daylight is at it's brightest, although having said that it's not always easy replying on natural light in the winter- damn you England and your dark gloomy weather. 

Also, be sure to snap away nearest to the window as this will obviously make your photos look brighter, and more detailed. Dark grainy pictures really are nobodies BFF, let me tell ya. 

Get prepping 

Now promise you won't laugh at me when I say this? Okay, well... Did you know that simply wiping/cleaning the lens on your phone helps massively when it comes to improving the quality of your photo? 

I mean if you're anything at all like me then your phone is probably glued to your hand at all times, we really are talking 24/7 here- that's bound to equal a grubby lens.

Try it next time you take a photo and let me know if you notice a difference, I bet you any money that you will. Oh, and don't forget to turn the HDR setting on, and make sure that you're in focus by tapping the screen beforehand- pretty obvious those two though, huh? 

Set the scene 

You know when you're having a cosy night in with a tub of Ben & Jerry's, and want to document that you're doing so on Instagram? Well, what I mean by 'set the scene' is don't just take a photo of the tub of Ben & Jerry's looking lonely on it's own, that's boring. 

Grab a load of other goodies to join in on the fun, and then arrange them on a pretty tray and tweak the background by maybe throwing a bunch of fairy lights into the mix. You get the gist, a lot of flaffing about, I know.. But how else will you make people want to double tap your pic? 

Edit, edit, edit 

So, you've now had one massive 'photography' session, and you're perhaps now wondering why your snaps aren't rivalling David Bailey's...yet? Well that's where editing comes in! 

As I mentioned previously, brightly light photos are always best. So to improve the quality, and make them look more on the professional side, you'll want to turn up the brightness, contrast and sharpness- this will ensure the detail is as crisp as ever. 

You can also play around with the warmth, saturation, highlights and shadows. To do so I use good old Instagram itself, and the other apps I'd strongly recommend are; Photo Express, Snapseed, and Repix- all of which are free to download. Oh, and if you'd like a more in depth post on how I edit each of my images I'd be more than happy to do so, just let me know in the comments. 

So there we have it, that's how I take and edit my photos! I really hope that this post has helped, be sure to let me know if you did find it helpful, I'd love some feedback. 

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