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Monday, 26 September 2016

An in-depth guide on how I edit my Instagram photos

Hang on a sec, my inner Mystic Meg is desperate to make an appearance... Yep, I knew it, you've just rolled your eyes and muttered the words 'not another post about bloody Instagram, she's obsessed.' Well am I right, do you really think that?

This is the thing though, my crystal ball is telling me that you'd all love to know how I edit my photos. I mean, you'll let me off just this once for mentioning Instagram yet again, being as I am sharing all of my editing secrets, right? Right. 

Better get to it then... 

Vital stats: 
What do I take my Instagram photos with? My iPhone 6. 
Which apps do I use? Instagram itself, PS Express, Repix, VSCO cam & Snapseed. 
Which filter do I use the most? Hudson. 

Now for an in-depth, step by step guide on how I edit my photos 

Step 1: Head over to Instagram & up the brightness

So, first up is tackling this damn brightness issue- don't you just love how it seems to get dark at two in the afternoon nowadays. It's brilliant, just brilliant. 

Alright, moaning aside now; I start by turning the brightness up to around  20-25%, I'll then go ahead and adjust the contrast to improve the quality of the image- I find these two the most important when it comes to the finished look. 

I also have a play around with the warmth- I usually opt for a cooler toned image- highlights, shadows, and then I finish by sharpening my chosen image to around 15%. And maybe, if I'm feeling really fancy I'll chuck a filter over the top- snazzy of me, I know! 

Step 2: Take to PS Express to improve the quality 

PS Express is an absolutely brilliant app, made better by the fact it's free- I'm not about paying £2.00 for an app, my inner cheap skate just won't allow it. 

The first port of call is reducing the noise... Sorry if you aren't down with this photography lingo; reducing the noise simply softens your image/blurs any imperfections if you like. 

There's two other brilliant features on PS Express, and that's the 'Defog' and 'Clarity' tools. The 'Defog' tool tends to intensify the colour of your image, similar to saturation, and the 'clarity' tool can either soften, or sharpen your image. Oh, and it also offers a variety of different filters to choose from- not bad for free ay?! 

Step 3: Add a girly touch curtesy of Repix

Sometimes, just sometimes a photo needs that little extra touch. You know when you think to yourself 'hmm, it's missing something'- or is that just me? 

Well, that's when I take to Repix to add those little bubbles/glitter. It's particularly good as you can choose where you'd like them placed, and how many you'd like to add- I'd say subtle is always best, think a few scattered in the corner for effect. I also really like the brightness setting this app has, it makes your photos look so vibrant. 

Step 4: Tackle stubborn dark areas with Snapseed 

Ahh Snapseed, quite possibly the best photo editing app ever invented. The reason this ranks so highly in my good books is because you can select certain areas to add more brightness/contrast/saturation to- really taking a bog standard iPhone snap, to a professional looking pic in a matter of minutes. 

I never upload a photo without taking to Snapseed first. I'll add heaps of brightness, and contrast to certain areas of my picture, and if I'm editing an outfit shot, I'll sometimes blur the background by using the 'Lens Blur' tool. 

Hallelujah, those of us without a fancy camera can now compete with the rest. 

Oh, and a handy tip to all of you perfectionists before you leave...

•Use VSCO cam to plan your photos in advance, and see what your grid will look like before uploading your latest snap- you can thank me later. 

So, what do you think? Will you be trying any of these steps in the future? Oh, and if you aren't following me over on Instagram already, search (@itslittlelauren) for all things cupcakes, makeup and fashion. 

Don't forget, you can find me in all of these places too! 

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