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Monday, 6 June 2016

Lauren's Looks turns two | How to stand out in the blogging world

They say that time flies when you're having fun, and aren't they just absolutely spot on. Rewind back two years, time travel style, and this blog of mine didn't even exist- I know, I can't believe that a world without instagramming near enough my whole entire life existed either. What the heck did I do with my time before boring you all with my random rambles, ay?! 

Life before blogging was a rather dull one. You see, I didn't decide to hit 'publish' on my first ever, rather cringe blogpost on flowery kimonos with the intention to receive 'freebies', and gain loads of followers. Nope. I started because I so desperately needed to fill that 'huge gap' in my life, something that would help me to feel as though I had a purpose. 

Having a chronic illness has stolen so much from me; a social life, the chance to have a successful career, and the ability to lead a 'normal' life, but I can hand on heart say that blogging is the one thing that has stopped me from going just a little bit stir crazy... even if it is bloody hard work at times. 

I've been given so many amazing opportunities, just by simply stepping outside of my comfort zone. Putting the worry of 'will everybody laugh at me/will anybody even like me' to the back of my mind, and instead poured my heart into writing personal posts. Don't get me wrong, it took a while for me to be 100% honest about my not so perfect life with you all, but now I am I adore blogging even more than I ever imagined I could. 

So, in case any of you lot reading would like to do the same, here's a few steps to follow that will hopefully help you to enjoy the journey, and help you to stand out along the way... 

1.) Be different, and write about your passions 

It's so easy to assume that writing about what's 'hot right now', or something that is popular within the blogging world will go down a storm with everybody. I say wrong. Scrap what everybody else is writing about, and write about your interests, the things that you're passionate about, those things that you could talk about for hours.... even if that means sharing your love of gardening with the world instead of the latest Urban Decay Naked palette. Write for yourself first, and everybody else second. 

2.) Ooze personality 

What I mean by 'ooze personality' is don't hold back your true self in fear of what others may think. Your crazy side, your sarcastic, your witty side, they're all what make you, you. When you're first starting out this one can be a little tricky to master, but the more confident you become, the easier it gets. I personally love reading blogs that are full of personality, as appose to a few paragraphs of words that don't really mean anything. 

3.) Don't be afraid to get a little personal 

Again, at the start this one is something that you'll hold back with, but the more that you write, the more comfortable you'll feel being completely honest with your readers. Personal experiences, good or bad, are what make a blog different from the rest. I also find my more personal blogposts the most rewarding to write, it's always good to get things out in the open.

4.) Discover what you're good at 

There's so many topics that you can blog about; fashion, beauty, and general lifestyle rambles being the most popular. It's wise to attempt writing about a few different things and see what you/your readers enjoy most. As a huge fashion and beauty lover I naturally decided that this was going to be what I focused on most, but as the times gone on I've found that my one true love is life matters. Really, just have fun with it. 

5.) Be kind and reply to comments 

And last, but not least, always remain down to earth- even when your following starts building up. Don't be that girl that doesn't reply when somebody asks her where her Topshop top is from. Always reply to comments and let your followers know that you appreciate them, you wouldn't be doing what you're doing without them, after all. Politeness never goes unnoticed.

And on that note I'd just like to thank everybody that has supported me along the way, wether you've left a comment on one of my Instagram posts, sent me an email, or simply read one of my blogposts, thank you SO much, you'll never know just how much it means to be. So, here's to another year blogging. 

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