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Sunday, 18 June 2017

How to bake | Prosecco infused, chocolate coated strawberry cupcakes

What happens when you're obsessed with prosecco, chocolate coated strawberries and cake?... Prosecco infused, chocolate strawberry cupcakes, of course. Phew, what a mouthful. 

Being as summer is just around the corner- aka BBQ season, sun, where you at?- these indulgent delights will make for the perfect comforting treat at your next barbie. And if that hasn't convinced you to get your Mary Berry on in the kitchen, then there's really something wrong with you...

The ingredients you'll need today: 

•115g butter
•115g caster sugar
•115g self-raising flour
•1 tsp baking powder 
•2 large eggs 
•2 tbsp cocoa powder 

•225g icing sugar 
•165g butter
•3-4 generous tsp Nutella 

•Prosecco infused strawberries (prosecco optional) 
•Milk and white chocolate for coating & drizzling strawberries 


Prosecco infused strawberries
1.) Start out by selecting six of the biggest strawberries from the punnet, fill a glass with 
prosecco and chuck them all in and leave to soak for at least two hours- or, if like me you just can't wait to give them a try, soak more strawberries so that you can eat them whilst you're baking. Let's call it baking fuel, it's essential really ;) 

2.) Once the prosecco has done it's thing, coat each strawberry in white chocolate, and then drizzle with milk chocolate. 

1.) Before you get started you'll want to pre-heat the oven to 190c/Gas 5, and you could also set out your red spotty cupcake cases ready for the mixture, if you want to be really organised. 

*Psst, if you want to be a copy cat, you'll want to dash out to Tesco especially for a box polka dot cases- preferably before you pre-heat the oven mind. 

2.) Are you back from Tesco yet? Yes? Then you're ready to get started. In a mixing bowl, cream the butter and sugar until light and fluffy. 

3.) The next task is to gradually beat in the eggs. Sift the flour, baking powder, and cocoa over in batches, and beat well to combine. 

4.) Then carefully spoon the mixture into your prepared cases- you'll be feeling like you should maybe be on a cookery show with your 'I'm so organised' ways- and bake for 25 minutes. Screw what the food tech teacher used to tell you, just go ahead and lick the bowl like you're a five year old all over again. Ahh, nostalgia. 

1.) Whisk 165g worth of butter with a whisk for 5-10 minutes so it's extra fluffy and then sift 225g worth of icing sugar into the same bowl. 

2.) Combine the icing sugar, butter and Nutella and whisk for a further 5 minutes. PS- don't forget to pop the finished buttercream into the fridge to set as it makes for neater piping. 

3.) To mimic my cupcakes completely you'll want to use a piping bag, complete with a Wilton 2D nozzle to pipe your buttercream. Rule #5 in the baking world; never attempt to pipe buttercream onto warm cupcakes, the result... A disastrous mess. 

4.) To finish pop your prosecco infused, chocolate coated strawberries on top- yep, as easy as that, 0 decorating skills required. 

And violĂ , your very own Saturday night indulgent delight- be sure to let me know if you give them a whirl. Happy baking! 

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