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Wednesday, 25 January 2017

I invite you to have a nosy around my bedroom...

I don't know about you but I just bloody love all things homeware. Furry throws, fancy mirrors, cute twinkling fairy lights, I mean you only have to buy me a pack of pink and white stripy straws and I'll be in my element.
It's basically got to the stage where I'd chose a trip to IKEA over clothes shopping any day- although that might have something to do with the fact that you can buy a hot dog and ice cream at the end though, greedy gal probs and all that- and I'm almost 100% certain that this makes me a sixty year old, domestic goddess at heart, and do you know what? I'm totally cool with that.

Anyway, granny confessions aside, the real topic of this blogpost is my bedroom... Or perhaps I should I call it 'my little space', or 'boudoir' to be really fancy? Oh, go on then, let's call it 'my little space'.

 It's the place where I spend most of my time, and the place where I go to relax and unwind- that totally rhymes, natural born poet, or what?!- a cosy little space is absolutely vital when you have a chronic illness and spend the majority of time stuck at home. So, for Christmas last year I decided to have my room re-decorated, and although the initial plan was to just give it a lick of paint, and put up a set of new curtains it ended up turning into a full on re-vamp, and I couldn't be happier with the final look.... Which you'll have probably guessed by my 28,000 Instagram posts of my bedroom. Sorry everyone.
I wanted to go for something light, cosy, and super girly looking, you know, fairy lights, pretty little dressing table details, that kind of thing. I'm a massive fan of the all white interiors you often scroll past on Pinterest, but as my budget wouldn't stretch as far as purchasing a huge walk-in wardrobe (a girl can dream), a fancy dressing table and a king size bed I decided to compromise and opt for bargain hunting in the likes of B&M, Next and Dunelm instead. And guess what? I love my cosy little room just as much as any of those dreamy Pinterest bedrooms, showing it is possible to redecorate on a budget.

 And you lot seem to love it too judging by the amount of questions I receive daily on where I bought everything from. No word of a lie I've probably received around fifty messages from people wanting to know where my wallpaper is from. Madness. So, with this being said, feel free to have a nosey around my bedroom...



Bed: B&M bargains | Wallpaper: Unsure (from a small local shop) Paint: Dulux 'Egyptian Cotton' | Bedding: Next Home (old season) | Sleep cushion: Next Home (old season) | Fur throw: Primark | Fairy lights: B&M bargains | Heart photo collage frame: Next Home (old season) | Bedside chest of drawers: B&M bargains (can't find online but should be in store) | 'LOVE' letters: The Range | 'L' and heart candles: Next Home | Flowers & vase: The Range | *'Home Sweet Home' sign: Pretty Little Home | *'Oh, you pretty thing' trinket dish: Penny Rose Home & Gifts | Acrylic lipstick storage: Amazon | Dressing table: B&M bargains (can't find online but should be in store) | Love heart storage on dressing table: The Range

I'm over the moon with the end result, my bedroom is now my absolute favourite place to relax, and it just so happens to be where I get all of my blogging work done (fun fact of the day). I really hope that you enjoyed having a nose, please do let me know what you think to these style blogposts in the comments, if you're a fan I'd be more than happy to do more! As always, thanks for reading!

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