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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

The reason we should all appreciate the little things in life...

Sunglasses: River Island / Top: Miss Selfridge (old season)  / Jeans: Topshop / Shoes: Miss Selfridge (similar) / Bag: Topshop

By my own definition, I'm extremely laid back, perhaps a little too laid back in fact. But sometimes, just sometimes even the most laid back of people need to take a step back. A step back from the crazy whirlwind that is everyday life; the do list the length of our arm, the constant pressure from ourself and others to achieve, and the need to always have more in life. A never ending roundabout of absolute stress- just pass a girl a glass of wine already. 

We live in this fast paced, social media driven world that is more interested in the 'things' we own, rather than the things that matter most in life; health, happiness and family. Material items such as expensive cars, posh houses and designer clothes mean zilch if you don't have those three things. Material items will never automatically equal happiness, but that doesn't stop us from thinking that they will. (That's definitely not me saying that I'd turn down £1M if somebody kindly offered though. *hint, hint*)

To me, life is about those little moments; laughing until your stomach aches, catching up with an old friend that you haven't seen for years, going on a walk and taking in all of the surroundings- heck, simply waking up in the morning is something that we all take for granted at times.

 But the trouble is, we don't stop to take a minute to think of the all the simple little things that make our life so perfect, nearly half as much as we should. We're too busy comparing ourselves, and what we have- or don't have more to the point- with others. It's SO easy to feel insignificant, and like everybody else has this absolutely amazing life, or is moving faster/achieving more than you when you're having a bad time of it.

I don't mind admitting that I've scrolled through Facebook, caught up on an old school friends life and discovered that they've now had a baby, are in a rock solid relationship and have an amazing job, and do you want to know how that makes me feel about my own life? Rubbish, completely rubbish. That awful feeling at the pit of your stomach, the feeling of pure failure.

And the funny thing is, although I might not have achieved all of those 'big milestones' in life, when I finally climb out of the 'everybody is so much more successful than me' bubble, I realise that, you know what, I'm happy. Extremely bloody happy. Yeah, I might not have this amazing job, perfect relationship, and I might have an illness that stops we from living life to the absolute maximum, but I do have the best, most supportive family ever, and surely that's all that matters, right? Being unable to go out and everyday, and carry out everyday tasks, and apply for my dream job might be upsetting at times, but I'm SO thankful for what I already have.

We're all guilty of spending too much time concentrating on others lives, when that time could be spent improving our own, or realising that we may have things that others don't. Strip it back, and you realise that not achieving an A* in your exams like so and so, isn't the end of the world, and so what if you don't own the very latest smartphone?!  Focus on what you do have, instead of what you don't have and I can promise you that you'll feel 100x happier with your life.

Somebody is always going to be "prettier", " more successful", or "better" than you, so let's start embracing the life that we live. Work on being pretty kind, pretty funny,  pretty smart, pretty strong FOR YOURSELF.

Phew, I'm sorry if that's just brought on cringe induced nausea, or made you do a major eye roll... What are your thoughts on the matter? I'd absolutely love to hear them! 

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