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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

An updated version of my MAC lipstick collection

Back row from L-R: Diva, Dubonnet, Russian Red, MAC Red, Lady Danger, Vegas Volt
Second row from L-R: Rebel, Up The Amp, Flat Out Fabulous, Lickable, Speak Louder, Chatterbox
Third row from L-R: Craving, Mehr, Hot Gossip, Brave, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy
Bottom row from L-R: Relentlessly Red, Tropic Tonic 

If you know me then you'll know that I have a slight addiction to MAC lipsticks... Okay, okay, I'll admit that it's perhaps more than just a slight addiction, if lipstick rehab was a thing I'd be sent straight the way. If you aren't a lipstick lover like me then you're probably thinking 'what's so special about these lipsticks?' but they're honestly the best I've ever used and I can assure you once you've bought your first there's no going back and you'll be hooked from that day on. 

As they are a little pricy you might not want to go out and buy one without having a think beforehand, so with this in mind I thought that it'd be a good idea to share my collection with you all so you can have a little nosy, and decide if any of these shades would be for you. So, without further ado, my extremely loved MAC lipstick collection... 


From L-R: Craving, Mehr, Hot Gossip, Brave, Velvet Teddy, Kinda Sexy

Craving | Shade- Pinky plum | Finish- Amplified creme
 I'd describe Craving as a medium plum shade that is noticeable whilst still remaining very wearable for the daytime; definitely more of an autumn shade in my opinion. Although it's a lovely colour I wouldn't say it was one of my stand out favourites, for the reason being it isn't quite as unique and standout-ish as some of my other lipsticks. 

Mehr | Shade- Dark pinky beige | Finish- Matte 
This is the perfect lipstick if you're after a natural shade for day wear. Although it's a matte finish I don't find it drying in the slightest, in fact it's slightly creamy, and definitely more moisturising than most  finishes. I'd say it's pretty similar to brave- well, on me anyway- only a tad darker. Another must have for your daytime makeup bag! 

Hot Gossip | Shade- Light plummy pink | Finish- Cremesheen
This is my 'go to' neutral shade for faking bigger lips, as when worn with a slick of clear lipgloss over the top really gives that 'plump lip' effect- always good when you aren't blessed with a Kylie Jenner pout. I'd say this is very similar to brave, only perhaps a fraction darker! 

Brave | Shade- Pinky beige | Finish- Satin 
I'm really not one for nude barely there shades so for me this is my ideal lipstick if I'm going for a more natural look as it isn't totally unnoticeable. I'd describe this as a more pinky nude, definitely a 'my lips but better' colour! Oh, and just a heads up to all of you lip liner fans- team it with 'Soar', you'll love it. 

Velvet Teddy | Shade- Brown nude | Finish- Matte 
I picked up Velvet Teddy on the 'back to MAC' program (trade in six empty MAC containers in exchange for one free MAC lip product of your choice- seriously worth it) after waiting what felt like a lifetime for it to come back in stock. It was seriously worth the wait though as it's now my ALL TIME FAVOURITE, it's my go to lipstick when I'm looking on the tired side, and when paired with MAC 'whirl' lip liner creates the perfect brown nude. It makes your lips 10x bigger than they really are and I'm all for that, and is perfect for day/night wear. It's my holy grail, and 100% worth the hype. 

Kinda Sexy | Shade- | Finish- Matte 
Kinda Sexy is a lovely peachy nude shade, which in my opinion is really unique for a nude- I've definitely never came across a lipstick quite like it. I always tend to opt for this lipstick if I want to look a little less 'done up'. Although it is a gorgeous shade I don't reach for this lipstick quite as often as some of my other nudes, for the reason being I like to don quite a statement lip, but I'd definitely recommend it to somebody wanting something a little more natural.

Reds / Oranges 

From L-R: Diva, Dubonnet, Russian Red, MAC Red, Lady Danger, Vegas Volt, Tropic Tonic 

Diva | Shade- Burgundy | Finish- Matte 
Ahh Diva, my ultimate autumn favourite. It's a lovely burgundy shade that stays put for absolutely hours... And even when it does start to budge it just tends to fade ever so slightly and leave a lovely deep red shade instead. It's the perfect lipstick for when you can't really be bothered with your makeup- a slick of this, mascara, and a layer of concealer and you're pretty much good to go. 

Dubonnet | Shade- Deep red | Finish- Amplified creme
Dubonnet is the perfect vampy colour for over the autumn/winter months, and although it looks a little scary in the tube it's actually really wearable. It reminds me of Russian Red, only a few shades darker. 

Russian Red | Shade- Rich classic red | Finish- Matte 
This is one of my most recent purchases after deciding that I needed another red lipstick in my life- you can never have enough, can you girls?! The matte finish is my absolute favourite and this one is certainly no exception; it's the nicest classic red that would honestly suit anybody, and is perfect if you're after that glamorous, sophisticated look.

MAC Red | Shade- Classic red | Finish- Satin
Since adding Russian Red to my collection I've kind of abandoned MAC Red, not that it isn't a gorgeous shade though, because it really is. Like Russian Red this is one of those classic reds, only a tad lighter and brighter. Also, if you find matte finishes a little drying then I'd say go for this one as it's slightly more moisturising if you suffer from chapped lips. 

Lady Danger | Shade- Orange toned red | Finish- Matte 
I don't know why but I see this as more of a summer red because of the slight orange tone to it! It's a lovely summer shade and adds the nicest pop of colour to your face making it the perfect holiday lippy- pass this girl a cocktail already.... Oh, I'd say this is quite an unusual colour too so if you fancy a change from your classic reds then you need 100% need Lady Danger in your life! 

Vegas Volt | Shade- Coral | Finish- Amplified creme 
This is one of my favourite colours to wear over the spring/summer months as it really compliments a tan and adds a lovely pop of colour to your face. I'd definitely recommend this lipstick to anybody looking for an orange/coral shade that isn't yet brave enough to don a bright, in your face neon orange! 

Tropic Tonic | Shade- Coral/Orange | Finish- Matte 
I'm not going to lie, Tropic Tonic is almost identical to Vegas Volt, but I'm a girl and of course I just had to have two different coral/orange lipsticks hanging out in my lipstick holder. Out of the two I'd probably reach for this one more as it's a matte finish and tends to stay put for longer- I've tried and tested both out when I've ate a burger ha- it ranks pretty highly as far as staying power goes. 

Pinks & purples 

From L-R: Rebel, Up The Amp, Flat Out Fabulous, Lickable, Relentlessy Red, Speak Louder, Chatterbox 

Rebel | Shade- Plum with berry pink undertones | Finish- Satin
My favourite to wear over the autumn/winter months, it definitely isn't one I'd wear in the summer though as it's quite dark and vampy. Rebel looks so much darker in the tube than on your lips so don't let the intimidating dark colour put you off. I'm a huge fan of the purple plum colour of this lipstick, every girl needs this in their makeup bag!

Up The Amp | Shade- Pinky purple | Finish- Amplified creme
Ahh, Up The Amp- can you tell I love purple lipstick yet? This is such a gorgeous shade for both winter and summer, so extremely versatile. As far as purple lippy goes this is the one I'd recommend if you aren't yet brave enough to don bright, in your face lips. I also find that this shade really compliments your skin if you've got a tan, obviously a winner in my eyes for that reason alone. 

Flat Out Fabulous | Shade- Bright pinky purple | Finish- Retro Matte 
This is my all time fave MAC lipstick, I absolutely love it. If you're looking a little on the tired side a slick of this will brighten your whole face up no problem. As it's a retro matte finish a lot of people complain that they find it drying but as long as you prep your lips before-hand and make sure they're super moisturised then it's no problem at all. Oh, I can't not mention the fact that this stays put all day, it really doesn't budge- there's no need to reapply even after drinking and eating! 

A pick of my all time favourite MAC nude lipstick, lip liner combo's, here.

Lickable | Shade- Hot fuchsia pink | Finish- Cremesheen 
My go to pink lipstick, it's bright and makes my teeth appear super white- always a bonus. It's also really moisturising and stays put all day! I always reach for this lipstick when I'm not feeling the best as it brightens up my whole face. 

Relentlessly Red | Shade- Neon reddish pink | Finish- Retro Matte 
Well, let's just say that I'm not quite sure why MAC decided to name this 'Relentlessly Red' as it's very much pink- perhaps Relentlessly Pink doesn't have the same ring to it, who knows? Anyway, name discussions aside... I absolutely adore this lipstick, it has an element of neon about it- but in the classiest way possible- and makes my teeth appear SUPER white. It's the perfect summer shade and stays put for what feels like hours. The only drawback with this lipstick is that it's super drying, however, apply lip balm before hand and it's not a problem. 

Speak Louder | Shade- Medium pink with a hint of coral | Finish- Cremesheen 
This was originally my mums lipstick but she didn't really like it on her as it was a little on the bright side, so I adopted it instead-shame ay! It's very similar to 'Lickable' which I've just mentioned but it's not as dark and has a very slight hint of coral. I love wearing this lipstick when I've got a tan! 

Chatterbox | Shade- Dark Barbie pink | Finish- Amplified creme
Up until recently Chatterbox was flung to the bottom of my makeup bag, left feeling a little unloved. I had it in my head that this lipstick didn't suit me, thinking it was a bit 'barbie-ish'. How wrong was I?! I now love it all over again, it's a gorgeous medium pink shade that is perfect for wearing in the daytime with smoky gold eye makeup! 

Phew, so that's my MAC lipstick collection, it took forever to photograph and write. I hate to admit that I'm still on the lookout for another new lipstick, I don't think I'll ever have enough. Anyhow, I hope you enjoyed having a nosy at my collection and you've now got a few shades in mind for when you next visit MAC. 

What's your favourite MAC lipstick, any shades you'd recommend? 

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