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Wednesday, 16 March 2016

What I Instagrammed Vs. What was really happening | Take two

feel as though I have the personality of a bag of Revel's, you never know what you're going to get with me. There's my easy going, laid back about everything side, my slightly weird side- my opening sentence proves this point, wouldn't you say?- and then my perfectionist side. My point being, not everybody will show each side to their personality on social media. Be that their fiery side, or slightly uncool side. And the same goes for captions on Instagram, not everybody tells the *full* story.
There's some things that I like to *try* and not admit to, like me being the really uncool girl, as appose to the girl that appears slightly cooler than she really is on Instagram. Like 'hey I've just watched the same episode of Birds of a Feather with a cuppa for the tenth time in two weeks' - I'm not going to add that to my Instagram caption, now am I?

That's the thing though, Instagram, like all social media, is about presenting all of the better moments that happen in your life. So, to show that there's more behind a photo than you once thought: here's what I'm really doing in all of those 'glam' Instagrams vs. what I shared with you all.

1.) The dreamy sweet treat snap

What it looks like I'm doing...

Hey everybody, look at me with my fancy doughnut milkshake, I'm just about to embark on a cosy film night with highly calorific sweet treats- I just know that you're all jealous. Oh, and did you notice the twinkling fairy lights in the background? I am the Queen of cosy nights in.

What I'm actually doing/thinking...

Now, you'll laugh at this, I spilt this exact milkshake approximately ten seconds later... ALL over my bed. Being the typical girl that I am I then went on to have a mini meltdown over it- you know like when one tiny thing goes wrong and it just tips you over the edge?... Nope? Just me then. I'll leave you with the image of me drying my duvet with a hairdryer, and then dousing it with perfume instead then. Glamorous times.

2.) The vain mirror selfie shot

What it looks like I'm doing...

Oh hiya, must dash, I'm just about to head out to a party- because why the hell else would the red lippy and LBD make an appearance? Let's just pretend that it didn't take me three hours to get ready. 1940's make up and hair eat your heart out.

What I'm actually doing/thinking...

Well, I did in fact give myself a dead leg / twist my knee out of place by leaning on it funny whilst trying to get that perfect pose *cough* trying to make myself look slimmer... Girl gotta know her angles. It's all in your stance.

3.) The 'watch out Mary Berry' cupcake picture

What it looks like I'm doing...

Here I am being the perfect girlfriend whipping up a batch of valentines cupcakes for my lover. I'm so romantic, I've even gone all out with the love bug chocolates on top. This set up kinda just 'fell' like this on the kitchen worktop... honest.

What I'm actually doing/thinking...

This 'setup' might not have fallen into place on top of the kitchen worktop, but I almost did. Let's just say that balancing on a wobbly kitchen chair, all in aid of trying to get that perfect birds eye view wasn't the smartest idea I've ever had... Think almost falling in to the sink with my bum in the air- better not add that to the caption though, ay.

4.) The I woke up like this... Honestly pic 

What it looks like I'm doing... 

You know, just enjoying a nice leisurely morning cuppa as I awaken. #iwokeuplikethis , in my best shirt dress, and messy 'bed hair' I'm most probably going to have crushed avocado and poached egg on toast for brunch so that I can be your typical girl on Instagram. I lead the most perfect life.

What I'm actually doing/thinking... 

Well, let's just say that I most definitely don't wake up looking like this in the morning; think more along the lines of frizzy bed hair, polar bear pjs, and an extremely rough looking no makeup face.

This photo was taken just after I'd got back from the Harvester and wore this baggy shirt to try and hide my food baby consisting of all of the carbs and wine, the glamour. When is it my turn to turn into one of those Instagram girls that actually has this type of morning?

5.) The really 'glam' cocktail snap

What it looks like I'm doing... 

Oh, don't mind me and my BFF's over here done up to the nines in a fancy cocktail bar, we're just casually sipping on all of the mojitos over a girly gossip. A wild night out is definitely on the horizon... I am the ultimate social butterfly.

What I'm actually doing/thinking... 

Well, couldn't that little image in your head be further from the truth, as in reality I took this photo at 11am on a Monday morning for a cocktail recipe blogpost, in my onesie- and scruffy hair that was 90% dry shampoo- looking a state. I then went on to spend the entire day craving a strawberry mojito wishing it was Friday. That's how uncool I really am... Social buttery? I think not.

So, next time when you're sat feeling jealous of somebody's life, based on what they post on Instagram/social media, just remember they could be off to the supermarket, not a fancy bar. Nobodies life is completely perfect. 

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