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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

The skin perfecting beauty products every girl needs in their makeup bag


In my opinion the most important part of an entire makeup routine is mastering that flawless base. If you can manage to perfect that then you're definitely onto a winner as far as how professional your makeup will look.
That type of 'lit from within' glow that only seems achievable if you sleep for about ten hours, and remember to drink that recommended eight glasses of water a day, which who even manages to do by the way? You know, the skin that all girls can only dream of!

 Well, believe it or not that level of skin perfection is achievable, even without following all of the 'must do's' you'll be pleased to know. And that's where I come in and share my favourite base products with you, enjoy...

Top of the class for helping me to fake a healthy glow is MAC Strobe Cream, which I can't rave about enough. A dollop of this will leave you with exactly the same 'lit from within' glow I was just talking about.. so fear no more if you're an insomniac and sleep is impossible; you're looking at your BFF right here.

Although it's intended purpose is to add glow and vitality- which it overachieves at- it also works wonders if your skin is slightly on the dryer side too. This will help to smooth out any dry patches right before you apply your foundation, and is brilliant for mixing with foundation too for extra dewy-ness. And that's why this gets an A* rating from me!

My foundation of choice is MAC Studio Fix, and has been for some time now. For me this works like a dream as it's medium coverage, meaning it isn't too heavy for daytime, but at the same time it'll still cover up the imperfections you'd rather keep under wraps too!

It's a matte finish and is pretty good at staying put all day, if set with the right powder/setting spray, of course. I'd advise using a stippling brush to apply this if you'd like to achieve a natural, airbrushed finish.

Next up on my list is MAC Select-Cover Up concealer used to hide those bothersome, under eye circles. This is pretty high coverage as far as concealers are concerned, so if you're also a member of the panda eye crew, then I'd 100% recommend this.

High coverage concealers can tend to be a little on the 'cakey' side, but if applied correctly then this one is super easy to blend- I opt for a damp beauty blender to do the job. Once blended this concealer does need to be set with a powder fairly quickly, as it does have a tendency to crease. Creasing aside it is brilliant!

Contouring seems to be a trend that's hit all us girls, and for good reason too- it does make you look 10x slimmer and all round better, after all. The two products I use to do so are MAC Matte Bronze bronzer and the Prep + Prime highlighter in the shade 'light boost'.

I'm planning on writing a blogpost on how I contour, but for now I will just give you a quick low-down and say that both of these products are amazing, especially if you'd like to go for a more 'subtle' contour finish. The Matte Bronze bronzer is a lovely natural shade, which doesn't contain any glitter whatsoever, which is why I personally love it. The highlighter is also a good multi-purpose product, I use this to cover up my under-eye circles too.

To set all of the above products I use MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural, in the shade 'medium', which like it's name would suggest gives a natural finish. I find that this doesn't add anymore coverage, unlike most powders, so is a good choice if you've already applied quite a few products already.

To finish I use my beloved MAC 'Soft and Gentle' highlighter, it really is my all time fave. A few people have commented saying this is too glittery or 'shiny' but I feel as though this adds just the right amount if you want to really glow.

I can imagine Soft and Gentle would suit most skin tones, and it also really helps to compliment your cheekbone contour, giving that 'chiseled cheekbone' appearance that makes you look at least 5x slimmer- yes please.

So, there we have it, my favourite products for creating that flawless, airbrushed base. Do you have any products that you'd recommend, if so, I'd love to know and try them out for myself!

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