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Monday, 1 February 2016

Why this birthday was the best ever | Birthday celebrations

If any of you lovely lot happen to follow me on Instagram then you may be aware that it was my birthday last week... but I'm pretty certain you'll already know that as I do like to bombard IG with my birthday antics each year, sorry everyone.
I hate to admit it but I really am one of those annoying people that drags out the celebrations for days, you know the drill, birthday Eve/birthday Boxing Day/any excuse to crack open the wine and have a good time- I mean, you might as well milk it, hadn't you?!

I'm also well aware that I say this every year, but I really did have the best day, and I've sort of just assumed that you're all nosy like me and would love to find out what my celebrations entailed, I guess it makes for good reading... But I'll let you decide on that one!

So, how did the celebrations kick start?... Making my birthday cake, of course. No birthday is complete without cake- true fact. And yep, you did read that right, I made my own birthday cake, rather sad of me, I know. I should really get more friends!

Monday was also the day that my gorgeous Pandora rings, kindly sent to me from a brilliant jewellery company called 'Mococo' arrived- just in time for my birthday on Wednesday, talk about good timing, hey?! Oh, and they also arrived gift wrapped in the prettiest paper, along with chocolate- major brownie points earned there.

Pre-birthday shenanigans out of the way, my actual birthday started with opening presents with my mum- I should so copy the Queen and have two birthdays, only, I think I'll choose to have my second birthday in the summer so I can spend the day sipping cocktails in the sun. Typical Lauren logic.

Beautifully gift wrapped Pandora jewellery, here
Anyway, I'll stop rambling now; as I mentioned before I went off onto a tangent, my day as the birthday girl started with opening all of my lovely presents. I'm so grateful for all of the presents I received- I have the best family- but my ultimate favourite has to be the Ted Baker makeup bag my mum surprised me with after seeing my photo on Instagram saying I loved it- how cute?!

Present opening over, I did the typical girl thing of taking two (read: three) hours to get ready to go shopping and out for lunch- aka the ultimate girly day. War paint consisting of a gold smoky eye, and nude lip finally applied, off my Grandma and I went.

We started our girly day off with lunch at the Cosy Club, or the 'Cosy Corner' as my Grandma thought it was called. We'd never been there before but I see why it gets it's name 'cosy' as we got that comfy chatting away, and having a good old catch up that we very nearly forgot all about shopping- nearly being the key word, I'm not a girl that forgets I have money to spend on makeup.

After a gossip we had a wander around the shops. I managed to pick up a bit of makeup up in MAC (surprise), along with a 3-6 year olds hat from the River Island kids section. Yep, I repeat 3-6 year old size, yay to being borderline tiny- I don't get my nickname 'Little Lauren' for nothing.

Obviously shopping is tiring thirsty work, so we both met my mum in town for food and drinks at our favourite restaurant, to finish what had been a really lovely day. The food was beautiful as usual, I had prawn toast and spring rolls to start, and chicken katsu curry for my main, washed down with a cosmopolitan- you can't not have a cocktail on your birthday, can you?!

All in all I had the most perfect day, from start to finish, all thanks to the two most important people in my life; my mum and grandma. I can't wait to see what else 2016 has in store, hopefully more girly shopping days that's for sure.

How do you celebrate your birthday?

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