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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Let's get lippy | My all time favourite MAC lipstick, lip liner combo's

Lipstick has, and always will be one of my very favourite makeup products- especially nude lippy. I know, I'm shocked to my very core too- who can believe that a girl that once loved to don bright, 'in your face' shades, has been converted, and now has a thing for nudes? Not me, that's for sure.

Up until recently I never used to reach for subtle lipsticks, for the reason being, I didn't think they suited me. I had it in my head that nude shades washed me out, but after having quite the rummage through my local MAC lipstick stand, I managed to come across not only one, but three perfect nudes- with a lip liner to match each one, of course...

...Oh, and just take a little moment to imagine what the back of my hand looked like by the end of it. Serious. Swatch. Stains.

Brave & Soar 

My very favourite combo of the bunch- Brave lipstick layered over Soar lip liner. The reason this combination, is in my eyes, cream of the crop, is because not only does it create a lovely dark pinky nude shade, but it also makes your lips appear 10x bigger, and I'm all for that... Although, having said that, you have to be very careful that you don't get carried away with the lip liner, you will end up looking *a bit* like Pete Burns if you aren't careful.

However, over lined lips aside for the moment- I highly doubt I've sold this combination to you with my last line- I will just try and redeem myself by saying that Brave is also a lovely lipstick worn alone if you're after a more natural look, think popping out to the shops, or out for brunch with the girls kinda look.

Velvet Teddy & Whirl 

Asking a girl to choose just ONE of their favourite lipsticks is like asking them to pick a favourite child, it's cruel. But, if I really did have no other choice but to pick a fave, I'd reach for Velvet Teddy every time.

It's just one of those lipsticks that makes me feel 10x better about myself, you know like when you've had near enough 0 sleep, and look a bit worse for wear, this just improves that situation a little.. Every girl owns a 'miracle worker' lipstick, and Velvet Teddy just so happens to be mine.

I'd describe this as a warm browny nude shade, and once teamed with Whirl lip liner, it creates the perfect 'bold' brown nude- my colour describing skills are brilliant, I know...sorry!  

Kinda Sexy & Oh Honey! 

And last, but not least, Kinda Sexy paired with Oh Honey! lip liner, the most natural looking combo of the bunch.

Kinda Sexy is a lovely peachy nude shade, which in my opinion is really unique for a nude- I've definitely never came across a lipstick quite like it. I always tend to opt for this lipstick if I want to look a little less 'done up'.

Oh Honey! lip liner acts as the perfect base, and although its really matte, and a little drying on the lips it does stay put for hours, you don't even need to reapply once. It also looks amazing when worn with a more dramatic eye.

And so there we have it, my top three nude lipstick, liner combinations- do you own any of the lippys included in this blogpost? If not, which nude lipstick(s) have won over your heart? 

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