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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Bloggers behind closed doors | The out-takes

Who on earth manages to have perfect hair, perfect clothes, and an equally perfect life to match said enviable wardrobe, and princess locks? Well, onlookers may argue that the majority of bloggers manage to achieve all of those things quite easily. 

But that's the thing you see, on the surface bloggers life's do seem all clothes and fancy cocktails, delve a little deeper and you'll find out that unbrushed messy hair, chocolate binges, and oversized fluffy onesies still very much exist... I'm obviously speaking for myself here. 

You bet we take 100 shots of a hot chocolate, and then go on to edit our favourite photo for a further ten minutes just to ensure that our Instagram grid remains as 'on point' as ever- feel free to slap me for using the cool kid phrase 'on point' by the way. I mean, no perfect photo happens by chance. 

So, to prove my point I thought I'd let you have a nosy at my blogging out-takes- oh, and let's not tar all bloggers with the same brush, I just happen to be the goofiest of them all, enjoy... 

The 'fling a pillow in the air' when you're bored of being a poser shot 

It took me bloody hours to get an 'okay, that'll have to do' photo for my latest pamper blogpost. In fact, it was such a lengthy, drawn out process that I resorted to flinging pillows in the air it drove me that insane- my maturity levels remain at an all time high, at all times... obviously. 

The 'laugh uncontrollably because someone you know has just caught you posing' pic 

If taking blog photos wasn't slightly embarrassing enough, wait until somebody you know drives by shouting 'Why are you taking selfies with a letterbox?' Looking back, that's not even that funny, but of course at the time me and my mum were crying with laughter. Again, maturity levels at an all time high. 

Oh, and I reckon instead of laughing my mum should have told me I needed to sort my mess of a hair out... Rocking that windswept do!  

The 'take a selfie instead of helping out' photo

There's my mum at the tip, working hard, and then there's me sat in the car like a pampered princess, in her sunglasses taking selfies. Yep, sounds about right- sorry mum! 

The 'inappropriate footwear dilemma' snap

Trying to walk over only what can be described as an ankle breaker 'bridge'- if you happen to be stupidly wearing six inch heels- is perhaps not one of my finer moments in life. 

...Only my grandma would stop the car next to a random dog walking spot out in the countryside, all in aid of taking a few blog photos. 

The 'laugh at the floor because your mums just said you look like an idiot' pose 

Whenever I rope my mum into taking my blog photos you can bet that I'll receive at least one insult. This time it was 'you look like you're waiting for a bus', which I can only guess is why I look like I'm about to punch someone in the second photo. 

... However, I think my favourite insult to date is 'it looks like you've got a (mous)tache, you need to pluck that when you get home'. Thanks a bunch mum, love you too. 

So, there we have it, all of my embarrassing photos for you all to see. Remember, next time you're sat wishing that you could be as cool as your favourite blogger,  think twice about it as nobody looks picture perfect 24/7. Oh, and do you have any funny out takes of your own? 

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