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Tuesday, 6 December 2016

My top tips on how to nail your makeup look this Christmas

Right, which three words instantly spring to mind when you think of a makeup look appropriate for a Christmas party? I'd have to go with; red lips, big lashes, and glowing glittery skin... obviously not channelling the year six disco kinda glittery though, gone are the days of trying to pull the lad in the flame t-shirt, whose sliding on his knees. Such a heartthrob. 

I can't say as I'm known for my amazing makeup techniques, nor do people flock to me for the latest on all things beauty, but I am a huge makeup lover, and being passionate about something makes it acceptable to ramble on, right? 

So, with this being said, here's my top tips on nailing that Christmas party makeup look, enjoy... 

That perfect red pout 

First things first; red lips. Let's be honest it really wouldn't be Christmas without a knockout red lippy, would it?! A slick of this and you'll be feeling like a different girl, it's definitely one to pull out if you want to make it look like you've made more of an effort when you really have. Minimal effort = winning. 

Anyway, that's enough on my love affair with red lipstick... My all time favourite for this time of year is 'Russian Red' by MAC, a truly classic, matte red shade, which makes your teeth appear super white. It also stays put for-ev-er, so don't skimp on the drinks for your lipsticks sake!

Tip 1: If you really want to make your lips pop, prep them beforehand with a lip balm, then use a lip liner, and finish by applying your chosen lipstick with a brush. Oh, and don't forget to go around the edges with concealer to create a ultra crisp outline. Ta da, perfect- stand out from the crowd- luscious lips in less than two minutes flat, not bad going! 

Those fluttering voluminous lashes 

Nothing screams glam quite like big lashes. Wether that means faking it with a pair of falsies, or using a good thickening mascara that works wonders when it comes to the 'they could be fake' factor. 

I'm personally useless at applying false eyelashes, so haven't tried and tested that many, but my favourites, once I finally get them stuck down in place, are the Ardell 'Demi Wispies'. As far as mascaras go, Benefit 'They're Real' is 100% the best I've ever used, it creates so much volume, and unlike most mascaras it also does a pretty good job at lengthening your lashes too. 

Tip 2: Before applying mascara curl your eyelashes with a warm eyelash curler - I definitely didn't just have a mental blank and have to google it's name, nope. To warm your eyelash curlers, simply blast them for five seconds with the hair dryer, it'll give your lashes even more curl. 

Nailing that radiant look

In my eyes, Christmas equals all things glitter/shimmer, so why not let your complexion in on the fun too? I'm all for glowing skin as appose to the matte look, I feel like every girl should own a highlighter to add extra radiance- nothing like looking nice and healthy, hey?! 

Highlighter rambles aside; my glow of choice is MAC 'Soft & Gentle'. I've wrote about this highlighter countless times before, so you most probably know everything there is to know about this product by now. But, in case you aren't familiar with Soft & Gentle, it's a beautiful champagne coloured shimmer- you NEED it. 

Tip 3: Start off with a small amount of highlighter, and gradually build it up until you've got the effect you're after, that way it'll blend in better with your foundation and give a natural 'lit from within' finish. 

Show me the shimmery shadow

Whilst we're on the subject of shimmer, let's just take a moment to discuss eyeshadow. This is the perfect product if you're after something to up your daytime look, and turn it into a going out look instantly. 

If we're talking quality and pigmentation, I'd have to go with Urban Decay's eyeshadow palettes every time. They don't crease, the colour lasts all day, and you won't end up with glitter half way down your face by the end of the night... Well, that depends on how many glasses of wine you're planning on drinking, of course. 

Tip 4: Spritz your eyeshadow brush(es) with MAC Fix+ to make the colour really pop. 

So I'm hoping by now this has gave you a rough sort of guide on how to do your makeup over the festive season? What's your favourite makeup look to rock at Christmas parties, any tips? 

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