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Friday, 13 November 2015

My pick of the best autumn/winter wardrobe essentials

I know, I know, I've declared my love for autumn/winter fashion countless times before; but I'll say it again, I LOVE autumn/winter fashion. Shall we say that's the 55th time I've made that statement- whose keeping tally here? 

I mean, there's just something about the fashion this time of year that makes you feel that little more stylish. 

Actually, having said that, I wouldn't go as far as claiming I'm Sarah Ashcroft stylish, I highly doubt she struts out flinging a coat over her pyjama top. It's comfy, okay... 

Anyway, pyjama tops being kept under wraps aside- it's all fun and games until you need to take your coat off, and somebody catches a glimpse of your finest Primark Minnie Mouse top- I thought I'd talk you through my staple autumn/winter wardrobe picks. I pinky promise the pyjama top won't be mentioned today, enjoy... 

1.) A pair of killer knee high boots: 

First up on my essentials list is a pair of knee high boots, or a pair of thigh highs, if you aren't a short arse like myself- can we just take a moment to high five about the fact that heels exist?! From 4ft tall- or should I say 'small'- to average height in the space of seconds. Count me in. 

Petite girl probs aside, these are the type of boots that instantly transform a casual, laid back outfit into a 'oh so glam' sophisticated one. They also go with absolutely anything; jeans, skirts, dresses, you name it, they'll go. You need a pair! 

2.) A dress that'll impress: 

You really can't go wrong with a dress, can you? If you think of it all you need is a pair of shoes/boots, and your entire outfit is sorted. No faffing about trying to find a top to match; simply fling it on, and you're good to go. 

Majority of my autumn wardrobe is made up with Primark clothes this autumn, which I'm certainly not complaining about, an entire outfit for under £50, yes please. 

However, my favourite dress this season was kindly gifted from the team at BooHoo, as part of their 'Dress for Autumn' campaign. A gorgeous khaki shirt dress that can be worn either casually, or dressed up when teamed with heels and a clutch. 

3.) The statement skirt: 

If you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed that I don't wear jeans all that often? Well, that's because I've got a thing for skirts this autumn! 

As somebody that has a fear of looking 'too casual' a skirt is the perfect option. I always pair mine with a roll neck jumper as it really does make for easy peasy autumnal dressing. 

That's if you don't manage to ladder your tights just before you're about to step foot out of the door, of course. Girl in a rush last minute, and all that! 

4.) Faux fur gilet: 

I'm faux fur mad at the moment, and furry gilet's are no exception. Chuck one of these over a jumper and a pair of skinny jeans, and you've got yourself the perfect cosy outfit. 

Oh, and just a quick heads up to all of you fellow foodies that love dining out, you'll be super pleased to know that a fur gilet covers up a food baby just nicely. What I'm basically try to tell you; go all out, at the all you can eat buffet, worry about looking three months pregnant at a later date! 

5.) The perfect handbag:

Boring outfit that needs livening up? Grab a handbag. An all black number that needs a splash of colour? Grab a handbag. I think you get the gist, a handbag is key to adding that finishing touch to your look. 

I always opt for a nude or black bag, that way they go with everything outfit- three cheers for being boring sensible. I'd say Topshop is fave place to shop for the perfect bag, they aren't too pricy either, which means you can afford to buy two- more handbags, the better, right girls?! 

*Having just read those last two paragraphs back to myself, I can only apologise for how many times I say the word 'bag'. I am a girl with a limited vocabulary after all, forgive me. 

So there we have it, my staple Autumn/Winter essentials? Which five things would you claim 'essential' this season? 

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