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Thursday, 17 September 2015

Let me introduce you all to my new fashion project...

Shop my look- 
Hat: Topshop 
Jacket: New Look -similar 
Jeans: Topshop 
Bag: Topshop - old season 

You know I always said that I love fashion, but blogging about fashion bored me to tears? Well, I've kinda had a change of heart since then. Yep, you guessed right... I've decided that I'm going to give standing in the street, posing like I love myself a shot- all in aid of sharing my all time fave outfits with you lot, of course. 

For months now I've been stalking all of the top fashion bloggers thinking 'maybe I could give that a go'. It just feels the right thing to do as I always have loved fashion and dressing up. And that's when I roped my grandma in to be my very own personal David Bailey (photographer). So shoutout to my grandma for being patient with me whilst I posed rather awkwardly in the garden... You've definitely came on leaps and bounds from the days where you used to take about five minutes to take one, out of focus photo!

So, from here on in you can now expect to see a few fashion type posts uploaded every now and then. I promise I will get better at this posing malarkey, but until then I do give you permission to do a little laugh at me- put it this way a few tips from you fellow bloggers would be very much appreciated! 

Oh, and nobody warned me that fashion blogging is harder than it looks <actually, scrap that; a lot bloody harder than it looks. I will stop wanting to run off and hide when an old woman looks at me gone out, right?! 

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