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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Two weeks of sunbathing, food & cocktails | Gran-Canaria, Puerto- Rico

So, if you follow me on Instagram then you may have noticed that my mum and I have recently been on holiday to Gran-Canaria, Puerto-Rico... I mean it's hard to miss really when I've been uploading rather vain bikini snaps at every possible opportunity- apologies and all that. 

I've been to Gran-Canaria countless times before so I knew I was going to enjoy my two weeks stay before I even jetted off, which I really really did. I'd even go as far to say that this was up there with the best holiday I've ever been on, I never wanted to come home. The holiday blues are definitely out in full force now I'm back! 

Anyway, holiday blues aside I thought that you might like to hear why this holiday in particular was so damn great, and have a little sneak peek at the photos I took whilst you're at it. Oh, and I'll warn you in advance; I was always told at school that I'm useless at writing 'diary style' entries, but let's just look past my lack of describing skills for today shall we?! 

First things first, what did we both get up to? Well, as this was a holiday dedicated to pure relaxation, not a lot other than sunbathing, eating, and drinking. You know the whole 'sunning it up in the day, cocktail sipping at night' kinda holiday! 

We spent the majority of our days around the pool sunbathing, and I'd say swimming too but I'd hardly call paddling in the kids pool when the heat got too much, 'swimming'- this tanning malarkey is harder than it looks! All jokes aside we did actually venture down to the beach a couple of times, but more on that in a moment as it's that beautiful it definitely deserves a paragraph to itself. 

Amadores beach is around a twenty minute walk away from where we stay in Puerto-Rico and the views along the way are absolutely stunning, although I haven't been well enough to walk there for a few years now which is a shame. The beach itself is something you imagine seeing on a postcard as the sand is pure white, and the sea is a beautiful vivid turquoise blue colour with palm tree's dotted all around

They also have restaurants and shops overlooking the beach which is lovely as you can eat your dinner whilst looking out to sea. As well as the variety of shops and restaurants they also have mini golf and inflatables in the sea- an obstacle type course complete with a trampoline, it honestly looks so fun! We didn't try that out but we did have dinner in the restaurant twice which was absolutely delicious, the atmosphere was so relaxing and laid back in there. 

As for the evenings we went out to a different restaurant each night, which being the food lover I am, I absolutely loved. My favourite being an Italian restaurant- they do the most delicious carbonara! Food aside for a moment, we also strolled down to the harbour a couple of evenings; it's so relaxed down there when the suns setting and the pretty little maze of bright pink flowered benches just make it all the more beautiful- brilliant photo opportunity may I add, typical blogger hey?! 

We also had a go at mini golf one evening after a trip to the beach, I was absolutely rubbish, although I did really enjoy it. After our nightly meal out we headed to my fave cocktail bar, they did the most amazing cocktails and the menu was massive so there was lots to choose from- my aim was to try the majority of them, which let's just say I overachieved at. Think peach mojito's, sex on the beach and strawberry daiquiri galore! As well as cocktails they also did pancakes with chocolate sauce, strawberries and cream, heart eye emoji? I think so. 

Cala Nova which was the apartments we stayed in had entertainment a few times throughout our two week stay. The best show we saw whilst there was the hypnotist show, which is honestly hilarious- although I don't think I'd volunteer to take part in it, I'd be so embarrassed! If you haven't watched a hypnotist show before, YouTube it, I find it so fascinating how it's done. 

One of the best days I had has to be when we took a trip down to the beach and had a stroll along the beautiful white sand, the most amazing views just made better by the fact I was sharing it all with my mum, my best friend. Pizza overlooking the beach and then mini golf and cocktails to complete the day. Although I'm still annoyed she beat me at mini golf by getting two holes in one, who knew I was taking Tiger Woods on holiday with me?! 

To summarise I had the most amazing two weeks, put it this way I never wanted to return home. Two weeks of relaxation is exactly what we both needed, it's always nice to take a break away from reality for a little while! I for one cannot wait until the next time, roll on next year. 

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed finding out what I got up to, do you have any summer holiday plans for this year? I'd love to know where you're jetting off to... 

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