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Friday, 3 July 2015

My latest homeware haul

Is it just me or is homeware shopping so much more exciting than clothes shopping? I mean, I don't know about you but when I spy a house to keep your eggs in out of the corner of my eye you can bet I'm legging my way over there, ready to elbow whoever dares to buy the last one out of the way. Now, you don't see me getting that passionate about a pair of tights! 

Anyway, homeware battles and aww-ing over heart shaped bowls aside- I'm that girl that finds a bowl cute- I thought I'd show you all a few of my favourite homeware bits I've picked up recently, enjoy... Oh, and no barging people out of the way for the last cushion, because I definitely wouldn't do that... 

Bee Happy tray | Link 
I'd say stumbling across this 'Bee Happy' tray in Wilkinson's Wilko's is up there with the most excited I've ever been over a homeware item. Sad, but true. I'd been looking for one of these for a while now as I'm one of those people that likes to have breakfast in bed every now and then- who doesn't?- and of course brekkie in bed needs to be done in style if you want to Instagram it. Oh, and it also comes in handy if you want a film night with a load of goodies too... Queen of the food? I think so! 

Candy stripe baking cups | Link 
Following on from my 'film night' theme now; these stripy cups/holders/whatever you'd like to call them are absolutely brilliant for filling with popcorn or sweets. You could of course also use them for their intended purpose which is to bake cupcakes in, nothing like a multipurpose item is there! 

Stripy straws | Link 
Everybody seems to be going mad for stripy straws at the moment, myself included. They add a nice touch to any drink, and I've also used them to decorate my Raspberry flavoured margarita cupcakes with- again, multipurpose. If you're inviting friends round for cocktails/drinks these just make it look like you've made more of an effort in my opinion. And on that note I think I'd better shut up now before I embarrass myself, don't want to sound like a straw geek do I. 

Sharing platter | Link 
You'd never have thought so many people would love a plain old simple 'sharing platter', would you? Well, apparently so as I've lost count of the amount of people that have asked me where it's from every time it's in a photo I upload. All jokes aside I do actually really love this myself as it comes in handy whenever I want to make melted chocolate and strawberries, the posh way. As this was a present a few years ago I'm not too sure where it's from but I've linked one similar for you so you can chocolate fondue away to your hearts content. 

Glittery wine bottle | Link 
A glittery wine bottle isn't really a 'homeware' item, is it? Well not unless you're me and just have this on the side for show purposes... It's pretty, can you blame me? My mum kindly bought this for my birthday this year and I was over the moon, rightly so because wine and sparkles are a girls best friend aren't they. 

Polka dot jam jar glass | Link 
You know I said I got excited over the 'Bee Happy' tray? Well, this is another thing I was absolutely ecstatic about, I really need to get a life, don't I! At only 79p- I think- you really can't go wrong and you almost definitely need to buy one in every colour. 

Cow egg cups | Link 
Being the breakfast lover and egg & soldiers lover I am, these just had to be bought- there was no way I was going to walk past them and not throw them in my basket! I've spied them in a few different places, Wilko's and The Range being just two of the places, so if you're also still a bit of a child like me then they will be easy to get your hands on. 

And there we have it, the homeware items I've been aww-ing over lately. Have you picked up anything new for your home lately? 

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