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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

My latest beauty purchases | A MAC splurge

There's one question every girl wants the answer to, and that's... Why does almost every beauty product seem to run out at exactly the same time? Oh, and we aren't talking a mascara and lipstick here, we're talking our whole damn collection. 

You know when you're getting ready and the amount of products you have in your makeup bag just start dropping like flies? Like, 'oh new concealer needed', 'that mascara needs binning' and 'that's definitely the last time I'll be able to use this eyeshadow'. *Makes a mad dash to your local makeup counter half an hour later*. 

Well, that very same thing happened to me not so long ago which of course resulted in a rather large MAC splurge. Let's just say my purse wasn't best pleased! Anyway, ramblings aside I thought I'd let you have a little nosy at some of my 'must have' products that I picked up... 

Studio Fix foundation | Shade- NW20 | Link 
First up on my 'must buy immediately' list was the Studio Fix foundation, I really can't go without it. I'm now onto my third bottle of this stuff so it's safe to say I'm a bit of a fan, and with good reason too! As far as foundations go I've never used another that compares as it gives the most flawless 'airbrushed' finish without looking completely unnatural too. All in all Studio Fix is an all round brilliant matte, medium coverage foundation that I'd recommend to all of you girls with oily/normal skin. 

Prep + Prime highlighter | Shade- 'light boost' | Link 
I've been going contour crazy as of late so this is an absolute essential of mine! Luckily they had one left in stock- mini meltdown = avoided. I love just how much it brightens up your whole face, it really helps to cover up dark under eye circles too. It's super creamy and blends like a dream which means you aren't left with those rather annoying creases under your eyes, they sure do give the game away every time. 

Strobe Cream | Link 
Being the dewy finish lover that I am this is yet another 'must have'. I've mentioned this countless times before so I shan't ramble on for too long but I like to use this as a primer to add a nice healthy glow- it also helps foundation to blend perfectly- and then mixed into a pump of Studio Fix foundation to add yet more dewy-ness. I find this really helps if you find a foundation a little too 'cakey' and want a more natural look instead! 

'Velvet Teddy' lipstick | Finish- Matte | Link 
I've been after this lipstick for absolutely ages, and no, that's not me exaggerating either. Every time I asked if they had it in stock at my local MAC counter or every time I tried to order it online I never had much luck and always left empty handed and disappointed. I was worried that this was going to be one of those products that was over-rated but much to my surprise, it isn't at all. This is just a really lovely everyday lipstick that also looks equally as nice for going out too. If you can get your hands on Velvet Teddy then I'd advise you to buy it immediately, you'll love it! 

'Russian Red' lipstick | Finish- Matte | Link 
Yet another lipstick, I'm addicted, aren't I?! Flat Out Fabulous has been a firm favourite of mine for some time now but since buying this gorgeous matte finish, dark red shade it's well and truly been beaten, I'm now going all heart eyed emoji over this beauty instead! I cannot wait to wear this on holiday when I've got a tan too, I can imagine it'll really add a pop of colour to an otherwise plain outfit! Oh, and it also makes your teeth look super white, major plus right there. 

Do you use any of these MAC products, and if so what do you think? Also, do you have any bright MAC lipsticks with a matte/retro matte finish that you'd recommend? 

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