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Monday, 15 June 2015

Four really important things blogger newbies need to know

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One year on and here I am still struggling to get a blogpost kick started. Sure, all of the ideas are there, I've even been super organised and got my notebook out definitely not pretending to be a better blogger than I am to jot down the key things I want to include, but has that helped? No, it really flipping hasn't. You'd have thought after a year of blogging my mind would no longer go completely blank every time I attempt to be even the slightest bit productive. Thanks brain, as helpful as always. 

Anyway, blogger probs aside; after deliberating over what to write about for what feels like hours I've finally decided that I'd share a few things I've learnt about blogging in the past year. Hopefully they'll be of some help to you, you can bet 'how to beat bloggers block' definitely won't be one of my tips... 

Fancy shmanzy equipment isn't a necessity
Okay, so don't get me wrong here; I'd love nothing more than to own a really expensive flash camera, but is that realistic on the budget I'm on? No, unfortunately not. I use my iPhone to take all of my blog snaps and I can honestly say if you practice your technique then photos taken with an iPhone can look just as good.

If you're a newbie in the blogging world then don't think that you need to own the latest DSLR camera. If do however happen to have the budget for one and you're passionate about photography then sure, splash out, but if not then don't waste your money. Same goes for MacBooks and what not! Photography is definitely an important factor to becoming a somewhat 'popular blogger' shall we just say but the content is what keeps people returning, in my opinion. PS- here's some photography tips for iPhone users you may find useful. 

Photo taken with iPhone 6 
Don't let blogging take over your life 
From the very start I've stuck to a 'blogging schedule' where I'll post three times a week; Monday's, Wednesday's and Friday's. However, as of late I've realised that although I'd ideally love to stick to that plan at all times, realistically it can't always happen. Life simply just gets in the way, but do you know what? That's okay because blogging for the majority of us is a hobby after all. 

Just because other bloggers upload a new post daily don't let that make you feel pressured, do what you can and if that means that one week you think to yourself 'you know what I don't feel like blogging this week' or you simply don't have the time then don't beat yourself up about it. Blog when you can, force it and you'll stop enjoying it! 

You don't have to follow the crowd
Everybody's frantically typing away at their laptops ready to upload their view on the latest eyeshadow palette, that means that you also have to do that as well, right? If that's not what you're into then, no. I first started out thinking I wanted to blog about fashion but I soon realised that even though I really do love all things fashion writing about it bored me to absolute tears. It just wasn't me. 

If you aren't passionate about something or you don't enjoy writing about a certain subject such as fashion then to put it simply, don't. Never feel you need to blog about 'popular' things in order to be a success in the blogging world. Blogging to me is all about being able to express myself in whichever way I please! 

Comparison is the their of joy 
Yes, and that saying most definitely applies to blogging. That girl you follow has thousands of followers, perfect photos, content that leaves you wanting to spend the entire night binge reading instead of actually doing something important, and what does that make you feel about your own blog? Absolute rubbish, that's what. How the heck does she do it?! I'll be honest here, I've been guilty of comparing my own blog to somebody else's myself and here's what I've came to realise... 

With blogging everybody spends different amounts of time on it, some even blog for a living and can dedicate their entire day to perfecting their latest post. You, however do it for a hobby, alongside daily chores and work, of course you aren't going to be able to achieve that level of perfect. It's impossible. A little helpful tip; always compare yourself, to yourself. Read old blogposts, you might cringe a little lot but you'll realise just how far you've come! 

So, that's what I've learnt about blogging so far, I'm sure I'll learn even more over the next year. I really hope they've helped you in some way, what have you learnt about blogging? I'd love to hear your tips/stories, 

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