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Monday, 4 May 2015

Three heat free hairstyles that'll make you ban the heat for good

If I had to describe my natural hair using only three words, those three words would be; frizzy, untameable and lacklustre. Yep, I'd say that's a pretty accurate description. Find me a girl who doesn't struggle to control their natural locks, I bet you'll struggle! 

As I've mentioned countless times before I'm on a total heat ban after my hair decided that it'd be nice to start falling out and breaking on me- the beloved hairdryer is also included in the 'refrain from using until further notice' category. I've stuck to this for nearly two years now- girl on a mission and all that! 

'How the heck do you do it?!' I hear you cry. Two years is a flipping long time to go without frazzling your hair with the GHD's, but I now consider myself a 'no heat hairstyle' expert after picking up everything their possibly is to know about naturally wavy/curly hair within these two years. So with this being said, here's some of the best tips I've picked up along the way with a few hairstyles to try out for good measure too... 

•Never brush your hair whilst it's still wet
This might sound stupidly obvious but before you go in the shower always make sure you comb all of the knots out of your hair first. When your hair is wet it's more prone to breaking, it can also cause frizziness too so it's best to wait until it's completely dry. 

As a rule I tend not to brush my hair too regularly, as I'm sure all you curly haired girls will know... it creates the biggest frizzy afro- definitely not the look I'm after. 

Make deep conditioning masks your BFF 
The majority of people's natural hair can be a little on the frizzy side- mine included- so to tackle this issue head on I use the Lee Stafford 'Frizz Off' hair mask, and I can confirm that it works absolute wonders. 

I find that any hair mask helps massively though so go for one that'll give your hair the attention it needs, such as a mask specifically targeted to give dry hair a helping hand, and so on. This will not only improve the condition, but the appearance of your natural hair too. 

After-care is a must 
Without sizzling your hair with heat it's pretty damn hard to create that sleek, shiny look that all girls long for. But that's where Argan/Moroccan oil comes in! 

After I've finished washing my hair I generously apply Argan oil from the mid section downwards- making sure to concentrate on the ends. This just helps to achieve shiny, and all round gorgeous looking hair that's enough to make all girls envy your locks. 

Resist the hairdryer 
I always used to make the mistake of blow drying my out of control mane, and this only made matters worse. The only way to avoid that candy-floss look is to let your hair dry naturally! I know, I know- this does take a while but I can't tell you how much better the results are, frizz bomb hair is a thing of the past now I've abandoned the hairdryer. 

This point may not apply to all of you as you might not suffer from frizzy hair- lucky thing- but if you happen to take after me then this is an absolute must. Obviously it's time consuming but if you wash your hair in the evenings instead of in the morning then it's not a problem. 

Big and glamorous Hollywood hair 
To create that big, glamorous blow dry affect then a brilliant way to do so without using a scrap of heat is to pin curl your hair. For those of you that don't know what pin curling entails then to put it simply, it's basically just like putting your hair into rollers... except you aren't using the rollers of course. 

I'm really useless at explaining how to do this but you can learn, here. Such a cop out, i know! 

The 'pin it to the back, my hairs a mess' braids 
A hairstyle I'd recommend if you're having a particularly bad hair day would be two French plaits either side of your head, then pinned to the back- does this have a name? Enlighten me. This one works every-time guaranteed if your hair isn't willing to co-operate whatsoever, and guess what? Its super easy and quick to do, too. 

One for those awkward fringe days 
There's nothing more annoying than when your hair gets in your way when you're busy and on a mission. My favourite way to solve this problem is to French plait my fringe, not only does it look good when it's down it also looks super girly even when you want to shove your hair up into a ponytail. Problem solved? Tick

I hope you found this helpful and now have a few more 'no heat hairstyles' to try out. I'd love to know how you lot style your hair on an every day basis, is heat a must for you? 

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