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Monday, 2 March 2015

Why the kitchen is the heart of the home // homeware haul

If you follow me on Instagram then you'll know that we've recently had our kitchen revamped- hooray and about time too. It was long overdue as I tell you now opening a cupboard door for it only to fall off and about knock you out isn't the one *three cheers for my quick reaction* I don't think two black eyes would have been a good look, do you? I asked you lot if you'd like me to do a haul of all of the things we've bought and if you'd like to have a lil snoop and the answer was a resounding yes so I hope you enjoy having a nosy... 

Blind- Since our kitchen is bright and white we decided to go with a beige and duck egg blue colour scheme to add a splash of colour and inject a bit of personality so this blind is perfect as it really does break up the white laboratory feel. 

Egg house- I'm not going to lie this is my favourite thing out of the whole kitchen, it's so cute and makes a nice alternative to storing them in a boring cardboard box. 

Kettle- Who agrees with me that this is the cutest kettle in existence?! Talk about girly, oh and just take a little moment to appreciate how everything is so matchy matchy. 

Oven gloves- Have you noticed the ever so subtle heart theme yet? If you hadn't you have now! I love the saying on these oven gloves too, such a homely touch. 

Tea, coffe & sugar jars- I love these because they're a bit different from your standard tea, coffee and sugar jars and yet again they fit in with the heart theme. 

Cupcake sign- Im absolutely obsessed with baking so I just had to have this, I'll also be making sure I follow the saying too as I think that's such a brilliant motto to live by- I'm a self confessed cupcake monster and I definitely didn't almost dislocate my jaw by trying to shove a whole cupcake in my mouth at once the other day... 

Cupcake stand- When you adore baking as much as I do it's just the rule that you have to have a nice stand to show all of your latest creations off. 

Clock- The standard kitchen accessory because of course you're going to want to know the time... Ours doesn't actually have a battery in yet so it's forever 10:10 in our house, if you look on the bright side though at least it's right twice a day! 

Although it isn't quite finished just yet and there's still other bits we'd like to buy we're extremely pleased with how it's turned out but then again anything would beat a collapsing cupboard door. What do you think to our new kitchen, which accessory is your fave? 

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