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Monday, 18 January 2016

How much is 'my face' worth?

I've been wanting to do one of these blogposts for ages now but I'm being serious when I say this... I've been too scared to. Yes you heard me right, I'm flipping petrified to find out how much my 'daily face' costs- chicken alert or what?! You might be thinking 'what's so scary about that?' but come on I do pile the makeup on even if I'm not really doing anything so I'm not going to be particularly shocked to find out I'm walking around with a £100+ face. The question here is will it make me reel in my makeup splurges? Erm... probably not! 

First up is MAC Strobe cream which I use on a daily basis to fake that healthy glow. For the full size bottle it's £24.50, not too bad of a start but I still don't know what I've let myself into?! I think I might just regret totting up the total by the end of this! 

Next on the list is MAC Studio Fix foundation, my favourite go-to foundation that never fails to disappoint. I will warn you that there will be a MAC theme throughout this entire post, although you probably didn't need warning as you might have known it'd be a load of MAC products. What can I say though? I'm obviously a faithful kinda girl! Anyway, Studio Fix is £21.50. Eeeek it already adds up to £46.00. 

Yep, it's now time to disguise those pesky black eyes. To do so I use Select Cover-Up concealer, MAC of course. This concealer retails at £15.50 but then I add a layer of the Prep + Prime 'light boost' highlighter over the top which is £18.50. So you're telling me I pay £34.00 to cover up my panda eyes?! Brill. Don't you just love love being blessed with dark circles that demand to be seen. 

To set my foundation and concealer I then move on to powder. The powder I use is MAC (surprise) Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in the shade 'medium'. This is brilliant as I love the natural finish it gives, it's name really is self explanatory! MSF is £23.00 and then I go in and use Rimmel's white eyeliner to brighten my eyes up a lil, that only costs £3.00. So the total so far is £106- I'm seriously regretting my decision right now as I've got loads of products left, I might just back out now. Perks of not being a natural beauty, ay! 

My next task is to make my eyelids look all pretty and shimmery, that's where the Urban Decay, Naked 2 palette comes in. I absolutely love this palette, I find myself reaching for it every time I do my makeup as I love the wide range of shades and the different looks you can create. The Naked 2 is £38.00 which now makes my total £144, flipping eck. 

Moving on to liner and lashes next, the two products I use are Benefit's Roller Lash mascara and Soap & Glory's Supercat eyeliner. Both brilliant products that I absolutely love and couldn't be without! The mascara is £19.50 and the eyeliner is £6.00 = £25.50. 

Once lashes are out of the way I then move on to my least favourite part of doing my makeup, brows. I simply just pencil them in using Maybelline Brow Satin in the shade 'dark blonde' and then use a clear brow gel by Rimmel to set them in place- smudged brows aren't a good look I'll tell you now. Brow satin costs £5.99 and the brow set is £4.00 which now makes my total £179.49, I really can't believe I walk around with a face costing that much. 

To finish I add a sweep of matte bronzer by MAC to contour my cheekbones and then go in and highlight the top of them with the Soft & Gentle highlighter, also by MAC. The matte bronzer which is absolutely brilliant and gives such a natural finish retails at £21.00 and my all time fave highlighter that gives the nicest glow costs £23.00. Obviously I'm not quite finished as I haven't applied a bit of bright lippy, how could I go without that?! I'll always use a MAC lipstick and they're £15.50 which may seem a little on the expensive side but seriously girls how good are they?! Phew I'm now done. Oh and yes, I do wear this much makeup every time I leave the house, it's a bit stupid of me really even if I do say so myself! 

If you're a whizz of a mathematician then you might already know the total but if you're a 'count of your fingers' kinda girl like me then wait for it.... The grand total is £238.99. I did say I wouldn't be shocked at the total but oh my god that's a lot!!!! I can't believe I have to spend that much just so I don't scare anyone with my awful no makeup zombie face! Will I continue to wear that much makeup and carry on repurchasing those products even though I now know the horrific total? Absolutely! 

Have you added up how much your daily face costs and if so what was your total and was you shocked? I'd love to know, 

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