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Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Guest post: Inexpensive ways to revamp your decor

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I've been slacking a bit lately as far as blogging is concerned, its not that I haven't got enough spare time- I've got heaps of that- it's just I kinda feel like I've lost my blogging mojo, it's as though I'm very much droning on half of the time. 

Well, that's where my good friend Tasmin comes in. We've been speaking for some time now over Instagram- her account is '@prettyrainshowers' if you'd like to give her a follow- and after a little moan she kindly offered to write a guest post for me which I was over the moon about. I'm actually thinking of making this a regular thing so if you'd like to write a guest post for me then you're more than welcome to do so (let me know in the comments if you're interested). Anyway, without further ado over to Tasmin... 

Being as Spring is fast approaching and the weather is getting brighter, hopefully. I'm sure many of us will be thinking about an annual spring clean or a change in decor. I'm very passionate about interior design but by no means a professional, but I thought it would be a great idea to share some easy inexpensive tips on how you could revamp a room by making small changes which can make a big statement. First up is... 

A few scented candles may be all you need to draw detail in the room and as it's almost spring why not invest in some floral scents. By creating a candle arrangement using glassware, a wicker basket or a silver plate and placing them on a main table in the room which will make it a focal point.

Home accessories
They really can be used to your advantage and make a whole new look by changing the design of curtains, cushions, bedding or rugs.

Many of us have old furniture pieces that don't serve a purpose anymore but by no means should we not pay attention to these abandoned items, as with a lick of paint they can really bring a room to life.

Change the colour scheme
Painting the walls or adding a pop of colour through purchasing a few new home accessories can really help make a room stand out ‐ don't be afraid to experiment with bold statement colours.

Some people can feel that wallpaper is out‐dated or too big of a statement but as a wallpaper addict I definitely disagree and I think the patterns and the colours from wallpaper can be beneficial to pick up on when choosing new items or keep it neutral/ stick to glass accessories if you're worried about it looking too matchy.

Be creative
I customised a glass vase by adding fairy lights and artificial flowers, it's surprising how a simple idea can make such a huge impact! Use your imagination & get creating, simple projects such as making your own bunting, spray painting Mason jars & using them as storage for make‐up brushes or stationary can add such a cute touch.

Add fabric
If you're good at sewing this could be an easy project such as getting fabric to go over old cushions, armchairs/chairs or even make a lampshade which will create a visual pop of colour.

Utilise the space
You can simply add a mirror to a "cramped" feeling room and it can really give it the edge you needed without having to re‐arrange the furniture or even investing in storage furniture such as cabinets or units can really draw attention.

Use floral
I'm completely mad on floral print/Cath Kidston style decor and if you're an equal lover of florals or maybe want to add floral but not sure how then I would say to keep it subtle as that really is the key. Making sure you have white background bed sheets will keep the floral pattern harmonious pairing with white bed linen. Also something simple by adding a floral table kitchen cloth can really spruce up the room to give it a spring‐feel all year around!

Thank you for reading, if you try any of my tips then I sure hope they were helpful & thank you to Lauren for allowing me to take over her blog for a little while. Tasmin x
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