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Friday, 13 March 2015

28 reasons why your primary school days were the best days of your life

Let's face it your Primary school days really were so damn fun, 100x better than 'adult life' put it that way. From strawberry scented gel pens to playing kiss chase in the hope your heartthrob would notice you- you definitely knew how to live life to the max... 

1. That one group of girls that would sing every single lunch time without fail convinced that they were the next to win pop idol... Yeah alright, calm down Spice Girls. 

2. When your 'best friend' chose someone else to take the register to the office with them which left you absolutely shell shocked. Huh, I'm totally getting a new BFF. 

3. Downing your sour, warm milk at break time no sweat like the hardcore you truly were. 

4. You knew you'd pulled at the school disco when the lad rocking the flame top skidded past you on his knees. It was kinda inevitable though really as you was wearing your finest blue glitter babe eyeshadow and that works a treat every time. 

5. The devastation was indescribable when you realised you hadn't fed your tamagotchi before school and you now had to face the fact it'd be dead when you got home- cries. 

6. Wearing shorts under your skirt in preparation for ready steady handstand at break time. Quick, get the Olympics on the phone this girl can kart wheel like a pro. 

7. Being absolutely fuming with the person who'd lost the pen lid because the whole class now wasn't allowed out for play time until it was found. 

8. When you accidentally called your teacher mum and you'd practically die of embarrassment... How did I live that one down? 

9. Playing on your injury so you could upgrade from a wet paper towel to an ice pack. You knew it was serious when that bad boy made an appearance. 

10. Handing out the whiteboards and pens making sure to save the dirtiest board for the person you hated the most- bitchiness at it's finest. 

11. Stomping your way into class wearing your brand new light up shoes to make everyone well jel. 

12. When you found out the teachers first name you'd instantly become the class celeb. Okay okay, no cameras please. 

13. Feeling like a proper grown up when your pencil got upgraded to a pen- adult life come at me. 

14. Practically wetting yourself with excitement when you walked into the hall for PE and either the parachute or apparatus was out. Watch out everyone I'm going to own that climbing frame. 

15. Coming back into school after you'd been on holiday and showing off your finest hair braid and everyone just had to face the fact you were going to be Britain's next top model. 

16. When you did a forward roll on the blue mat in PE and about broke your neck but played it cool by holding back the tears when really you secretly thought you needed an ambulance because that was you over. 

17. Spending the whole day excited because your friend was coming round for tea after school and you couldn't wait to show off your new moves on your dance mat. 

18. Handing out sweets at the end of the day for your birthday was the highlight of your year. You'd make sure the girl you hated got the yellow sweet though because she totally doesn't deserve a pink starburst. 

19. Playing head down thumbs up at the end of the day but being the absolute rebel you were you'd cheat by having a sneaky at the persons shoes. 

20. Strutting into school with your jumper round your waist wondering when Prada were going to give you a call. 

21. Leaving the class early for a dentist appointment was always guaranteed to make you talk of the class. Cya later losers, I'm off to get a sticker for being brave. 

22. Accidentally spitting down your recorder whilst learning London's burning. 

23. Wanting to have a diva strop when you wasn't picked for the best part in the school play because you were 100% Hollywood standard and didn't deserve to be a Shepherd with your mums red and white tea towel on your head. 

24. Planning what to wear for non school uniform days was the biggest life struggle you ever had to face. 

25. You knew you deserved to be bowed down to when you upgraded from sitting on the hall floor to the benches in assembly. 

26. When you decided that you were way too bootylicious for everyone else and you no longer wanted to join in singing along to 'He's got the whole world in his hands'. 

27. Playing bull dog every break time until it got banned and you had to rework the game a little because you really was not having that. 

28. Getting the dinner lady to open your munch bunch because you knew it'd squirt everywhere. Rebel alert. 

So what I'd like to know is what's your favourite primary school memory? 

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