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Friday, 6 February 2015

The work attire look book

Deciding what to wear each morning is a task that I'm sure the majority of you girls dread, well I hope so anyway as I know I certainly do. That's without even bringing makeup and hair into the equation, my stress levels are off the scale if I'm having a 'I don't know what to wear day' and then my hair decides to be awkward on top of that dilemma. I'll quit the rambling- basically I thought I'd give you a few outfit,hair and makeup ideas you could wear for work. Hopefully after this post those days will be a thing of the past for you! 

It's kinda' funny that I'm writing this blogpost as I don't actually have a job... One can only dream. Let's just pretend I have though, or I suppose I could say 'this is what I would wear if I had a job'- yeah I'll go with that. So, this is what I would wear if I had a job... 

When I think work pencil skirts, blazers and court heels spring to mind- of course it depends on your work setting though. Even though I don't have a job my all time favourite section in any clothes shop is the work section- aka my heaven- I love nothing more than a pencil skirt and heel combo and I certainly wouldn't complain if that was the only section of the shop I could shop from! As that's very much 'my' style I own loads of smart looking work clothes, here's just a few of my faves to give you some inspiration for your very own work attire collection... 

Hair do 
I'm such a creature of habit when it comes to hair, big bouncy curls and I'm good to go. I know how to do quite a few hairstyles so why I never change it up every now and then I'll never know. When you're busy there's nothing worse than your hair getting in the way so here's just a few of my fave practical do's that'll take you no time at all...

Obviously you aren't going to want to wear loads of makeup so just stick to the basics such as concealer, mascara, foundation and a bit of lippy. My all time favourite nude lipstick is MAC 'brave' it's the perfect shade to wear to work and I'd also recommend MAC strobe cream as it gives the most gorgeous dewy, glowing look. I did plan on including my finished work makeup look but let's just say my face wasn't cooperating with my front camera today and was adamant it didn't want to look half decent for a selfie- as awkward as ever. 

I hope this post wasn't too boring for you all... What's your 'go to' look for work? Oh and you might have noticed I've changed my blog header, what do you think?! 

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