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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The reality of life with a chronic illness

You're young so of course that means you're invincible, right? Rewind back to the good old days when I actually had energy and felt well- before ME ruled my life- I'd have agreed with you on that one... That's the thing about having any chronic illness when you're young though, people find it hard to understand because they just can't relate. How do you explain to friends that an hour catch up over a coffee will completely wipe you out when they've got a workout at the gym, shopping trip and a night out all penciled into their diary for the same day?! It's hard to get across the fact that you feel more like an 80 year old granny as appose to a sociable teenager! 

Now this isn't supposed to be a 'woe is me, give me sympathy' post at all, I just want to make more people aware that being young doesn't equal good health and you certainly shouldn't take it for granted because it can be snatched from you at any given time. Who'd have thought one of my biggest goals would be to walk to my local supermarket and back when I previously used to be full of energy doing gymnastics everyday, not me. That those duvet days you once loved would become an everyday occurrence and you'd now long to be able to have a normal 9-5 job. 

Your 'life plan' really does fly out of the window when you aren't able to achieve the most basic things in life, forget wanting to bag yourself a good job you'll be aiming to make it out of bed everyday instead. At first this is extremely frustrating but as the time goes on it makes you appreciate the small things and I can only speak for myself but it makes you have a different outlook on life. 

The best way I can describe it is you're stood there completely still and everyone else around you is rushing around achieving things in life such as passing their driving test, going to university etc but you aren't able to do that so you're just stood watching people achieve the things you've always longed to achieve whilst your life has came to a halt. You kinda feel a bit left out! 

It doesn't have to be all negative though, instead of aiming to achieve your previous goals you can adapt. It's not ideal but you learn to live life differently, you know that if you go out then you'll have to schedule rest days beforehand and then again after to be able to make it possible but that's okay because although you'll feel awful you've actually made it out of the house!!! On a more personal note I perhaps wouldn't have been able to start a blog if I was well because I'd be too busy, I wouldn't have met the friends I have either if I'd never have got ill and I feel it's made me a lot more grateful. So yes, being chronically ill isn't the easiest but there's always some positives to come out of a bad situation! 

"Enjoy the little things in life... for one day you'll look back and realise they were the big things." 

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