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Monday, 9 February 2015

The beauty bits I've been loving lately

Hey everyone, you may or may not have noticed that I haven't been posting as regular as I normally would here on Lauren's Looks but hopefully now I'm back into the blogging swing of things I'll be back to posting three times a week- don't you just love bloggers block. If anybody happens to have any blogpost ideas then please let me know as I'm seriously lacking in ideas! 

Anyway, little explanation over I thought that today I'd share some of the products that I've been totally head over heels in love with lately and being as I haven't wrote one of these style blogposts for quite some time I thought it was just as well I wrote one. So yeah, here's the products I've been going all heart eye emoji over... 

MAC | Mineralize Skinfinish | Shade- Soft & Gentle 
First up is quite possibly my all time fave makeup product in existence- bold claim right there! It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of the dewy, glowing looking skin look so it's probably quite obvious why I love Soft & Gentle SO much. You don't need to apply a lot to achieve that gorgeous 'lit from within' effect and I love just how natural it looks- let's face it who wants to look like they've been attacked with the glitter? Full review on Soft & Gentle, here.

Essie | Nail varnishes | Shade(s)- Fiji & A cut above 
I've been loving making my nails look all girly and pretty as of late and what better nail varnish to do it with than Essie?! I don't think I've heard anybody say that they don't like Essie nail varnishes, they're just that good. I own quite a few but my two faves at the minute are Fiji (the light pink shade) and A cut above (the glittery shade, obviously). If you're after a nail varnish that won't leave a load of messy air bubbles then Essie is definitely for you and I can guarantee you'll be impressed with the wide range of colours they have to offer, oh and your nails are left looking salon super shiny! 

Benefit | Primer | The Porefessional 
A couple of weeks ago I received a teeny tiny sample size of Porefessional not expecting much of it or for it even to last longer than one application but much to my surprise it's still going strong and I was pleasantly surprised at just how good it is. Loads of different products claim to minimise pores so I didn't think it would but as well as making my skin baby soft it also reduces shine and does just what it says by minimising pores- hooray! Obviously it doesn't get rid of them completely but I have found it does make them appear smaller which can only be a good thing. 

Maybelline | Brow pencil | Brow Satin (Dark blonde) 
Let's just say I don't have the best brows ever, they certainly aren't 'on point' but I'm a little scared to have them professionally done as I don't want them to look unnatural and painted on so i just stick to the trusty DIY route. This eyebrow pencil is absolutely brilliant because as well as being a pencil on one end it also has a powder end so you can fill any gappy areas in and it doesn't look totally unnatural! This is a no fuss, brows in two minutes kinda product which is great if you've woke up late and are in a rush. 

Marc Jacobs | Perfume | Daisy Dream 
Can I just mention first that I'm in absolute love with this perfume bottle, it's SO pretty and girly but I'm sure you can already see that for yourself. Bottle aside not only does it look pretty on your dressing table it also smells gorgeous and I think the smell reflects the dainty, girly bottle as it's such a fresh, feminine scent that I'm sure will be my staple S/S15 fragrance of choice. 

So there we go, all of the products I've been a little bit in love with lately. I'm actually laughing at how many times I've included the word 'love', feel free to give me a vocab lesson anybody. 

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